HAIM – Little Of Your Love lyrics

Give me just a little of your love You’re just another recovering heart I wasn’t even gonna try You wouldn’t even give up time Could be so easy, you make it hard Don’t think about love too much My love is gonna be enough You’re so close now And I know now You gotta give […]

Little Mix – Is Your Love Enough? Lyrics

Na na na na na na eh Is your love enough? Na na na na na na eh Is your love enough? Are you up for this?) Too much is never too much (Can you handle this? Is your love enough?, ahh (Oh oh oh, your love) Is your love enough? Is your love enough? […]

Little Mix – Is Your Love Enough lyrics

While we wait for the song to be released by Little Mix – so we can add the lyrics to the site – check out our daily updated blog or discover more great music through our own weekly new music playlist. These lyrics were added one hour ago. We feature thousands of lyrics, but unfortunately […]

Madonna – Your Little Body’s Slowly Breaking Down Lyrics

[Peron:] Don’t ask anymore Where am I going to? MADONNAYour Little Body’s Slowly Breaking Down Lyrics [Peron:] Your little body’s slowly breaking down You’re losing speed, you’re losing strength, not style That goes on flourishing forever But your eyes, your smile Do not have the sparkle of your fantastic past If you climb one more […]

Annie Leblanc & Hayden Summerall – Little Do You Know Lyrics

ANNIE LEBLANC & HAYDEN SUMMERALLLittle Do You Know Lyrics Little do you know How I’m breaking while you fall asleep Little do you know I’m still haunted by the memories Little do you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece Little do you know I need a little more time Underneath it […]

Jordin Sparks – 100 Years Lyrics

Wishing when you’re in the other room You’re the only one who can break through All I think about is pleasing you A hundred years is not enough time with you I fantasize about all that we could do I wish you knew how much I really love you Don’t go nowhere, baby, yeah All […]

Sl & Kenny Beats – Little Bird Lyrics

Get a line, let the weight go (How?) I might take your ho, make her mine ’cause I say so (Take her) Don’t mess with my guy, that’s my bro, that’s my Qualo (Don’t) Pop out on a guy, where’s the plug? [Intro] Yeah, yeah (Woah, Kenny), look [Chorus] Little bird (Bird), got her off […]

Nef The Pharaoh – Mac Of The Year Lyrics

I do not want it All my enemies is dead, I don’t got opponents I drop a bag on your head and watch somebody blow it (Boom) Yeah, my Perc’ just kicked in, that bitch got me goin’ Quarterback with the pack, gold tee, I throw it (Go long) We ain’t never shut down, my […]

Al Wilson – Poor Side Of Town Lyrics

Do do do, wah Shooby dooby Do do do, wah Shooby dooby Now how can you tell me How much you’ve missed me When the last time I saw you You wouldn’t even kiss me Now that rich guy you’ve been seein’ He must have put you down So welcome back, baby Back to the […]

Kyle Lucas – Caught Up Lyrics (feat. Weather)

lListen to what you saying About to throw it all away, well these fans they’ve all been waiting Impatiently for years, their ears are finally craving Man the outcome, is this album, damn son it’s blazing What about all those mix tapes, you’ve built this from the pavement You gave them all that free music, […]

Miki Rose – Right Now Lyrics

Baby you are so fine When I’m with you I’m on cloud nine We both got our   own   grinds But I realize When   I need you the most You be   going ghost I know you’re busy but if you say what you mean You’d make sure I was safe in this […]

Kyle Lucas – Cellar Door Lyrics

[Intro: Kyle Lucas] I’mma be honest, it’s so beyond us It’s hard to rationalize when you turn pre-Madonna All that Dilaudid got your eyes red like piranhas You get so heated like you sleep up in a sauna It’s like you only fight with me just to hear yourself talk And I swear this shit […]