Shy Glizzy – Get Away Lyrics

First time I ever met her swear you should’ve seen her face She was swaggin’ in her lab and I was trappin’ out my yay Quarter brick, half a brick, I was choppin’ out my way Know some niggas filthy rich and they be trappin’ in the Bay Got this one bitch bad as shit, […]

Unsigned – Hardy Caprio feat. One Acen lyrics

Lyrics Hardy Caprio – Unsigned Here come the ice cream man With the 90s twang Mokuba Lives Yeah yeah yeah yeah Owww(unsigned) I got this one shorty, body unbelievable She ain’t a keeper though Keep it on a need to know Just drawed a hotty ’bout a week ago I’ve been looking for a main […]

The game – Russ lyrics

It’s like everything changed But I still feel the same I’m just tryna run the motherf*cking game I’m on that Yeah I’ll always be on that It’s like everything changed But I still feel the same I’m just tryna run the motherf*cking game I’m on that Yeah I’ll always be on that, yeahhh. Russ lyrics […]

Macklemore – Intentions lyrics

[Pre-Chorus: Macklemore] Wanna live freely, why isn’t it so easy? I should read a book, but I keep watching this TV And I know this lifestyle doesn’t really feed me I just tune out to the voice inside that’s speaking [Chorus: Dan Caplen] All my little problems keep on building up and building up All […]

Macklemore – Willy Wonka lyrics

Below are the complete “Willy Wonka” lyrics by Macklemore displayed. These lyrics were added 11 hours ago. Willy Wonka lyrics RIP Willy Wonka, watch the roof come off I pull up in that candy paint, call it Veruca Salt You cheated and you lied, you broke the rules, my dog Now you wanna come around […]

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Cartier Lyrics

Clip the noise now, I live a sound life I just bet it on myself and double down twice [Hook: PARTYNEXTDOOR] Cut ’em off, like Korean barbecue scissors I wear expensive Cartier frames, they ain’t see the vision I could do it all by myself, no assistance And I could do it all by myself, […]

7a3 – That’s How We’re Livin’ Lyrics

Brooklyn in effect [ VERSE 3: Bret E.B. ] Saw the homeboys from the days of delirium ’89 Benzes, guess who’s steerin em? Hop into the ride, cold coolin with the crew They’re puffin on the cheeba and guzzlin the brew Doin 120 in the car lane Girl in every lap, cause that’s the name […]

Jackpot – Fetty Wap feat. Red Cafe lyrics

I just hit the jackpottt. (x8) Jackpot, jackpot, yeah Rolls-Royce, that time, yeah Blackjack, blackjack, woo Money team, dope team, ooh I been gettin’ paper all day I ain’t seen a hater all day I been goin’ hard, I don’t play If you want the wave, you gon’ pay. (x4) Oh, jackpooot, jackpooot Lil’ baby […]

D.s.g.b. – You Got Tha Heart Lyrics

A lot of niggas want to join the click Cause we rich They never think about what we do to keep this shit When it’s time to kill a cop and stay on top What you gone do? [Nature Boy:] It’s after midnight You coming home from the boss Your car phone rings obscene phone […]

Mind Frame Lyrics – Moneybagg Yo

Reminiscing ’bout my niggas that done died man Goin’ through pictures and it’s fuckin’ up my mind-frame Thinkin’ back when we was broke but we still maintained Accepting calls from my niggas in the chain gang His first offense, judge gave him all that time man He in there buckin’ and it’s fuckin’ up his […]

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) Lyrics

BAZ LUHRMANNEverybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) Lyrics Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2007, wear sunscreen If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists Whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable Than […]

G-EAZY – Get A Bag lyrics

That mean it’s coming (coming) Then you fill a bag up with the Twentys, Fiftys, Hundreds [Chorus: Remo] Wake up in the morning I gotta go and get a bag Momma need it real bad I gotta go and get a bag [How much?] Shit I gotta go and get a bag Twentys, Fiftys, Hundreds […]

Get a bag – G-Eazy feat. Jadakiss lyrics

S**t I gotta go and get a baaag Gotta go and get a baggg. You don’t come home with the bag, don’t stop working (don’t stop) Yeah, instead of just getting blunted (uh huh) Use that energy to go get it as bad as you want it (get it) Hand start itching, you know that […]

I m a fan – Pia Mia feat. Jeremih lyrics

Baby, baby, baby, now we’re way too curious I wanna take a picture, take a picture I’m in love with ya. Hit you on a touchdown, now Put you on this lifestyle Boy, you with the best now Have you make the right sounds now We gon’ take it full speed, the droptop, yeah Hold […]

Knowmads – Smoker’s Corner Lyrics

KNOWMADSSmoker’s Corner Lyrics WILSON So who you know that can flow even close to us Since a kid momma said I was dope as f**k Why every morning by 6 I was woken up Because my pops never drove so I rode the bus Headed straight to the back where I rolled em up Empty […]

Mobb Deep – Where Ya From Lyrics

Eightball) Yeah Infamous in ya area Eightball in ya area About to cause mass hysteria Yo, ashes to ashes big gats to little I put it to you clear while you cats talkin riddles Snake and buck at me If you did I’d say you got lucky Trained to tread through land to get muddy […]

K.O – No Feelings Lyrics

Like Nonke nonke nonke Msunu ka everybody yeah. khona kanjani? khona kanjani? K.O – No Feelings Lyrics ruuuu ke mang? Your favorite rapper kimi u’Rubbish I started from the bottom Ended up at the top of the world You know where to find me My IG location says I’m on top of your girl yeah […]

Day 18 Lyrics – Japanese Breakfast

Oh my sweet companion You should leave me behind I’m sewn to this harp, and I’m rotting Waiting for the band to support my lifestyle And I can’t wait to see what you grow up to be When you grow up

Future – Extra Luv Lyrics

FUTUREExtra Luv Lyrics Too much poppin’ in my life baby, I just really need some time baby Come and check up on my line baby, out of time baby, ah noo Fell in love with the lifestyle, black shades, night clout She want to f**k but she don’t love me Lifestyle, lifestyle Strapped up but […]

Vince Staples – Yeah Right Lyrics

Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right (Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right) Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right (Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right) Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right (Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right) Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right (Boy yeah) Got an enemy that […]