Lonnie Donegan – Precious Lord, Lead Me On Lyrics

Precious Lord take my hand Lead me on, let me stand I am tired, I am weak, I am worn Through the storm, through the night Lead me on to the light Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home When my way grows drear precious Lord linger near When my life is almost gone […]

Uncle Trey – P E $ C I Lyrics

Ain’t nobody individual Well I’m here, everybody else invisible I don’t see y’all‚ can’t see me All my role models blind‚ couldn’t lead me I ain’t lookin’ at these niggas on the TV Turn it off till I turn it on and see me 5’5 nigga‚ still big homie I’m the cable for the gas, […]

Samantha Fish – Nearing Home Lyrics

So tell me where I’m going ‘Cause I thought I was nearing home Take back all that’s given And leave me off where I belong Belong to the Lord, I wonder But I can’t help to wonder where He’s gone I’m waiting for a rain, a thunder But under every sun it’s going down Lead […]

Katchafire – Lead Us Lyrics

Ooo lord… Hey yeah Babe I’ve been.. lost up in this groove… every time… Babe I’ve been.. My brother Wahine toa (woman) come back and lead us – My sister Wahine toa (woman) come back and lead us – Yeah All my people say getup getup getup getup getup Whoa O.. caught up in your […]

Young Thug – Knocked Off (feat. Birdman & Jim Jones) Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug] I’m gon’ beat that pussy up just like a champion I’m a beast inside these streets like a barbarian Told my baby next February we’re married We laughin’ at these pussy boys, they’re so hilarious I might get him knocked off, pull some spaghetti strings I might get him knocked off for […]

Bad Husband Lyrics

A great dad, but a bad husband Why are you a good father? How come, how come, you can be a liar and a good father? [Verse 1: Eminem] We never saw from each other’s sides, or eye to eye Just eye for eye, lie for lie, fight or flight So much baggage, need a […]

Fifth Harmony – Can You See lyrics

See it? Light up our hearts, lead the way through the dark [Pre-Chorus: Dinah, Lauren & Normani] I’ve waited all my life to feel this feelin’ That I feel right now Open up your eyes and see the world is Brighter now googletag.cmd.push(function() { var map = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([337, 280], [[300, 250], [336, 280]]).addSize([0, 0], [300, […]

Audio Push – God Speed Lyrics

type in the search box Also Read>>  Fall Lyrics – Davido Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Audio Push – God Speed Lyrics [Verse 1: Price] I been waiting I gave ’em all a head start I lost ends, lost friends But one thing I kept: heart You want pressure, let’s start […]

TLC – My Secret Enemy Lyrics

Gotta get away from the past If I make it I just might last Gotta get away from the past Trynna escape it but it’s movin’ too fast Gotta get away from the past If I make it I just might last Gotta get away from the past Trynna escape it but it’s movin’ too […]

Growlers – A Man With No God Lyrics

GROWLERSA Man With No God Lyrics A man with no god stated to pray For a chance and a shot to win back his name He used to have a whole lot but he threw it away And all that he loved was washed down the drain Oh man on no he had no where […]

Inkubus Sukkubus – Pagan Born Lyrics

INKUBUS SUKKUBUSPagan Born Lyrics A rhythm stirs within the earth That tells all nature of a birth A return to light, return to life And lead us from this darkest night God of the Sun, now have you come Your reign of light has just begun Though all must die to be reborn Return now […]

Scarface – Hand Of The Dead Body Lyrics

You punk niggas make me sick Suckin on the devil’s dick Scared of revolution Need to start deuchin Houston is the place I caught a case Them motherf**kers tried to put a scar on my face But i bust two times to the gut To the Reverend Calvin Butts Gotta pair of nuts? SCARFACEHand Of […]

Dawn Foss – Wisdom And Understanding Lyrics

You’ll please the Lord and do all things well, And have a blessed, full life. I want to be wise, I want understanding, I do want my life to be pleasing to God. I give my heart and my devotion to you, This truly comes from within Seek it early and it shall be found, […]

George Jones – The U.s.a. Today Lyrics

GEORGE JONESThe U.s.a. It’s true we’ve got our problems Lord knows we make mistakes And every time we solve one ten others take it’s place But you don’t see those refugees heading the other way Welcome to the USA today. There’s politicians shredding up the truth And farmers getting pulled up by their roots And […]

Dj Khaled – Good Man Lyrics

DJ KHALEDGood Man Lyrics [Pusha T:] Yeah [DJ Khaled:] We The Best Music DJ Khaled [Pusha T:] Please, Khaled, don’t pair me or compare me Unless the said party is a rare breed The stories I hear, they tend to mirror me At this point now, rap is only therapy President Push, I’m more Eric […]

Pawnshop Kings – Love Like Jesus Lyrics

PAWNSHOP KINGSLove Like Jesus Lyrics I wanna walk this out with my head held high I wanna see the world looking through your eyes I wanna know that you’re leading me I wanna do what you ask of me I wanna walk this out with my head held high And love (the forgotten ones) And […]

Jon Connor – I’m Back

The album is ‘Vehicle City’ Aftermath This some 2018 shit So Jon, won’t you step up and show ’em just a little bit of what the fuck you do Come on, let’s get ’em [Verse 1: Jon Connor] Look, this year’s election was trash, so I need therapy bad These rappers is gassed, these rappers […]

Ninjaman Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Conviction

Between the 1980s and 90s, Ninja has already built a name for himself in dancehall as a lyrical prowess with a gift of spitting lyrics on the spot with or without a beat. In case your wondering why he received a harsher sentencing than his two co-accused, the prosecution main witness, who is now in […]

Arena – Fabian Mazur feat. Snavs lyrcis

Fabian Mazur lyrics Video Fabian Mazur When I come in da areeena. Let’s go When I come in da areeena When I come in da areeena When I come in da areeenaaa. (x6) When I go in da areeena Make the ground shake Make the crowd screama’ Me feelin’ on conquerin’ enemy Bring the fiya […]