Pop Smoke – Gangstas Lyrics

(I be in New York with the gangsters) On your set with some real shit, nigga (Gangsters) (Swerve) I don’t want none of that extra loud shit This ain’t none of that rainbow hair shit Know what I’m sayin’? (I be with the straights and the apes) Y’all know what’s up (Talkin’ stone to stone) […]

Mark Ronson – On The Run Lyrics

Streets are spawn and most of Mark Ronson Call the fire chief to inspect the arson Y’all got problems, Brooklyn is in the buildin’ We built the buildin’ Easy to touch but it’s hard to hold Easy to meet but it’s hard to know Paste this one across ya domes and spread it out all […]

Quando Rondo – Depression Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bruh, you too slime Youngin’ big blue, but deep inside, he   like   a red rose [?]   on the beat Bank account on overload,   but I’m still broke in spirit “Depression what he suffer from,”   same   words   from Doctor […]

Cupcakke – Discounts Lyrics

Yeah, must not want me to have to ask Niggas want smoke, I pass the gas Milkin’ this shit like half and half Two nights of the Drac’, that’s back to back I had a nigga that text my phone like "Bae, get ready, go pack a bag" Said he on his way, in the […]

Calboy – Rounds Lyrics (feat. Fivio Foreign)

[Intro: Calboy] Sheesh Yeah JD On Tha Track Yeah, yeah, baow Yeah, yeah, yeah Sheesh, baow, baow Sheesh, sheesh [Chorus: Calboy & Fivio Foreign] Baow, gang (Gang) I used to   trap   in the spot We   flippin’ babies, got crack like the   eighties I put my whole wrist in the spot (Skrr, […]

Soulja Boy – Slide Lyrics

Niggas talk shit with a Glock, with chops we air it out (Brr) Hit a trap with ’em rats and hip ’em out Shout my gang, we tredin’ now (We trendin’ now) Make the wrong move, I’ma air it out (Air it out) I gotta rap what they talkin’ ’bout, aye (Talkin’ ’bout, gang) Call […]

Taysav – PBG Music Pt. 2 Lyrics (feat. Bang Da Hitta)

[Verse 1: TaySav] Bitch we some monsters You can catch me at East Rogers Where them killers should have been some lawyers, businessmens or doctors Let me start off by saying free Shotta Niggas know big bro was a problem f*ck 12, 24th can’t stop none And the opps ain’t on shit, nigga stop frontin’ […]

French Montana – Straight For The Bag Lyrics (feat. Lgp Qua)

[French Montana:] Straight for the bag (Han) Straight for the bag (Han) Comin’ straight for the bag (Han) Look dead in my face comin’ straight for the bag (Han) Real niggas comin’ straight for the bag (Bag) Bad bitches comin’ straight for the bag (Bag) Ski mask comin’ straight for the bag (Woo) Speed pass […]

Staysolidrocky – Vacant Heart Lyrics (feat. Big4keezy)

Who are you? (Yeah, yeah) Perky pile slide and try to knock him out his shoes I’on want no love, bitch, I need drugs, bitch, where the boofs? I’ma coach my team, I call a blitz, your door get kicked down Spinnin’ like a fidget, like a midget, you gon’ get down I’m landin’ in […]

Nsg – Grandad Lyrics

Got my dark shades like I can’t see you But you know I’ve got my eyes on you Fell in love with the bartender We part taking If there’s money involved We go hustle till God come down Pray for forgiveness and be on the same shit But it no go be our let down […]

Fivio Foreign – Move Like A Boss Lyrics (feat. Young M.a)

[Fivio Foreign:] I’m just doin’ what I’m taught Move like a boss, uh Look, ayy, Fivio Uh, yeah I’m just doin’ what I’m taught (I am) Move like a boss, uh (Move like a boss) This is my city, you niggas can’t get me It’s mission abort, look, ayy (‘Bort) Fivio, floss (Floss) I need […]

Sosamann – Made For This Lyrics

Go and go spend you some money And make it back in the morning 10 coming in on a Monday 10 on a bitch now I’m bummy You play me I’ll aim at your onion You a rat, you telling on something I just knocked me a bitch down in London I just got me […]

Seddy Hendrinx – Growin Lyrics

[Intro] I know what you goin’ through That nigga that show too much loyalty, the one that   show   too much love Sometimes   you feel like you, maybe you   be too solid And you don’t know how to put it out there, so you just hold it in (Swag, you tryna get […]

Chief Keef – Late 4 Dinner Lyrics (feat. Tadoe)

How I talk! (whare did my drink go?) I be, smoking gelato Cash, I need a lot more Chop you huarache My diamonds know karate (huh) You know none about me (bitch) Who got me like I got me? (skrt skrt) Hoes mad like a lot (more than you think) Moe, back up off me […]

Nasty C – Eazy Lyrics

Like how I don’t get it how why we got some issues Like I’m supposed to call to confirm my mission Keeping it vague if the shoe fits ya Keep it on and kick rocks, nigga I’m so cocky, think my cock got bigger I’m so hungry, I eat pot nigga I’m expensive and I’m […]

Pop Smoke – Make It Rain Lyrics

Niggas don’t really be on shit   (Beat   by Yamaica Productions,   baby) Niggas really be fuckin’ broke, nigga 09   to the fuckin’ Swish, nigga We see niggas in traffic, nigga Then   Ricky   run,   nigga, yeah Suck my   dick, nigga To all   the fuckin’ opps (They know the […]

Baby Ahk – Message Lyrics

[Verse] He didn’t get the message, DDB slide in the Lexus Tried to hide in the church so we shoot up the reverend I got a coke plug with the Mexicans It ain’t been the same since they made me a felon But I ain’t too big to carry a weapon These niggas know that […]