Tee Grizzley – I Spy Lyrics

(Ain’t shit sweet, bitch?) I spy with my little eye (What?) Thirty racks on me as we speakin’, I’m so fly (Facts) Private jet whenever the f*ck I want, mom, I can fly (Yeah) But them prices way too high, so I’m on Delta with my guys (Gang, gang, gang, gang) Don’t like hoes, I […]

Kyle – Ispy Lyrics

KYLEIspy Lyrics [Kyle + Lil Yachty] Man f**k What’s wrong Kyle? You see this water? Look around bro, look at life Man you’re right Man you see, you see these fine bitches over here? Yeah, woah You see these trees man? Man these kids man, talking shit, making me feel bad Man f**k them kids […]

Lumsk – Skomegyvri Lyrics

Inn so kom den skomegyvri Ho gjore både gruttad å grinte Hot e det for eit tekjukjebånn Som helde mi dottir fride Å inkji e du den fregdaste Som bur uti detta landet Men Tor med tungrum hamrum Han e fulla fregdari han Den som kallar meg eit tekjukjebånn Han ska ette vådno leite Men […]

Paul Clayton – The Greenland Whale Fisheries Lyrics

Let your davit-tackles fall Till you land your boats in the sea, brave boys Till you land your boats in the sea” Now the boats were launched, the men aboard And the whale was in full view; Resolved was each seaman bold To steer where the whalefish blew, brave boys To steer where the whalefish […]

Doja Cat – Dindu Nuffin Lyrics

Might as well dead this shit, I feel alive I feel like a part of the life I feel like I’m starting to die I feel like I popped in the sky Get in my space, ha, you’ll catch a rocket and ride I spy with my little eye a target You mine, all of […]

Show Of Hands – The Napoli Lyrics

A looter, and a pirate, and a thief All those boxes washed off the deck Right through the hand of the receiver of the wrecks We ought to fill a form in, but no-one’s gonna check ‘Cause there ain’t no coppers on the shore No, there ain’t no coppers on the shore Come gangs from […]

Jairzinho – Hou Me Vast Lyrics

Pengting jij en ik happy ending We leven nog lang en gelukkig, zolang ik jou heb ben ik cool Als jij van me houdt zeg me nu (Oeh na, na, na) en niet straks Als jij ook voelt wat ik voel hou me vast Ik ben verliefd op jou schat, val in love elke dag […]

Lil’ B – They Lookin Remix Lyrics

[Chorus] I see him lookin, she lookin I see them lookin, they lookin I see her lookin, he   lookin All   the hoes lookin   at Yachty I see her lookin, he   lookin I see him lookin, hate lookin I see her lookin, she   lookin All   them   boys wanna be […]

Burn – Cleanse Lyrics

Will I turn to dust before I learn this lesson? What you know now you will soon forget. Call me a fool for still waiting hoping with the patient saints. I’ve tried my whole life my stubborn mind overthinks Cannibalize these wrong thoughts or i’ll use them as a resource Cleanse my mind cleanse my […]

Bomb The Music Industry! – This Is A Singalong Lyrics

If it’s a campaign advertisement will you please stop telling us it’s news? We found no bombs so can we move on from the spying snide America where we are no safer now than we were before, BOY. The boy who’s crying ‘Haditha’, Vietnam’s not a reference. Don’t focus on the photos. We must distract […]

Conflict – There’s No Power Without Control Lyrics

What you f*cking screwing at? Come closer, comfy? There’s no power without control! I’m remote controlling you. Look and see Escapism smiling through Oi you for f*cks sake, ‘wake up’ Righteous and the greedy It’s big brother’s biggest brother Common panacea Spy satellites bugging device Building egos / budding stars Everything discovered From small acorns […]

Kayah – Rebeka Lyrics

Mówiąc „adieu” ty się śmiałeś do mnie Ach jak mi żal ogromnie Że cię nie znałam tego dnia… O mój wymarzony O mój wytęskniony Nie wiesz przecież o tym Ty Że w małym miasteczku za Tobą ktoś Wypłakał z oczu łzy… Że biedna Rebeka W zamyśleniu czeka Aż przyjedziesz po nią sam I zabierzesz ją […]

King Los – 410 Gang Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Yeah yeah Uh Ain’t no city light the city on What nigga Check it out look [Hook] 410 410 410 410 410 410 Ain’t no city light the city on Ain’t no city light the city on Westside, eastside, southside Northside niggas in the house like 410 410 410 410 410 410 Now […]

Doja Cat – NINTENDHOE Lyrics

Can I get a hell… yeah? (Fight!) Can I get a hell yeah, yeah, yeah? (Fight!) Can I get a hell yeah, yeaaaah? (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…) [Verse 1] Bitch wanna roast me Cuz I got a xbox one I don’t even have no games All I play is gta My nigga got Franklin dick […]

Young Thug – Knocked Off (feat. Birdman & Jim Jones) Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug] I’m gon’ beat that pussy up just like a champion I’m a beast inside these streets like a barbarian Told my baby next February we’re married We laughin’ at these pussy boys, they’re so hilarious I might get him knocked off, pull some spaghetti strings I might get him knocked off for […]

King Los – Go Green Lyrics

[Intro/Hook] Shorty give me that I need head, i need racks Made the pussy lean, like a, magazine in a, stack [Verse 1] If we don’t rock, I ain’t plan it I’m just sonnin’ niggas cause I been a star On my block, niggas be ass For the heat flash like it’s menopause Finna get […]

NICKI MINAJ – Krippy Kush lyrics

¡yeh! ¡yeh! ¡yeh!) [Verso 2: Bad Bunny, Farruko] Aquí pasamos moñas por el TSA Las putas se montan fácil como en GTA 200 cajas ‘e paper que pedí en eBay En PR ya es legal, yo firmé la ley Fumando como Snoop Dogg y Wiz Kha Las gatas quieren Kush, no quieren Friska Prendí un […]

TAIO CRUZ – Row The Body lyrics

Y’all already know what it is When you hear that, ha Cruz it up Skrr, skrr [Hook: French Montana] Show, show you what the boss, cause you bossed up Run, run, run down ocean with the doors up And I can’t cross up Hated no hands on the other time we lost touch Stay down […]