Aloe Blacc – My Way Lyrics

I’ve been sad, I’ve been lost, I’ve been down and out and lonely I’ve been suffering at a job in a world that tries to own me But when I wake up every morning there’s an image of a better place ‘Cause the harder that we grind then the sweeter is the glory People say […]

Tion Wayne – Be Like That Lyrics

I can never be like that I can never be like that Never be like that I can never be like that I can never (x3) Be like that [Verse 1: Tion Wayne] Caught with some racks in a beamer Glad I buss case like Tulisa My country connect that’s my geezer He’s on speed […]

Taysav – No Way Out Lyrics

This what it was all about back in ’13 when we was thugging We was out here on our money, if not that it wasn’t nothing Yeah, we had our poles in public, they was tryna push us back Once you get up in this street shit, boy, it ain’t no turnin’ back [Chorus] I […]

Willie V. – Step Within My Brain Lyrics

Accept everything about you because it’s what makes you.. Nobody wants to hear you bitch about shit, everybody has their own problems to worry about why would they ever care about yours? I mean there’s not that much to it. You gotta start being more open about things man, you repress a lot of issues […]

Jekalyn Carr – Gonna Be Great Lyrics (feat. Nariah Smith)

[Refrain 1] We’re gonna be great We’re gonna be, gonna be, gonna be great We’re gonna be great We’re gonna be, gonna be, gonna be great [Verse 2] Let me remind you of the special person that you are Against [1:14?], you can prepare the way For you to make it to reach It’s why […]

Quinton Marks Ii – Down Lyrics

Ha, it don’t matter Got a pocket full of cash Mmm about $20 Gonna get on the dancefloor And make that body hollaaa Wait that’s been said? Oops I don’t give a (oh oh) Oops Let’s go have a good I see them lights Let’s go party all night Bridge: Ay yo DJ turn it […]

Ashtin Larold – Lockdown Freestyle Lyrics

Hey whats ups hi motherf*cker i’m back Tryna remind motherf*ckers that I rap I been losin my   mind I   been getting off   track I been closin my blinds Now the   room is all black Feel like I’m Amanda Bynes Yeah the   kid   is   ”all that” I ain’t   […]

Astronomyy – Everythin’ On My Mind Lyrics

And if I did you know I’d never give it up Sometimes you gotta have More than you show, to show what’s up Everything, everything I can’t do everything [Verse 1] I need to teach you how to handle me Don’t expect me to be the best You know damn well that I can give […]

Clowns – Never Enough Lyrics

We are but simple pawns in the game you play What do we have to do to prove we are more violent in the strangest ways? Cos I’ve been watching time tick And clenching at my jaw But not from what I have taken But what I have just become Now I’ve found out something […]

Json – Goodbye Lyrics

Got it this time uhuh No lie, I’m in a fruitful place But I was here thinking about you today My heart finna lose the same gon’ moved away Can’t wait till I return Wuddup gate the church For now my roots are being planted deep in the dirt Dirt so I’m reminded of purpose […]

Nav – Ain’t Goin Back Lyrics

[Chorus] I ain’t goin’ back to my hood for shit Heard they just killed Neighborhood Nip Popping pills   ’til   it make me   sick (Yeah) You show the hood love,   they never show it back If they shoot, I hope I   know   how   to react Know some   people […]

Lil Wayne – Big Worm Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Think we found a loop hole) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus] Gave you more than a million told   you   it’s yours baby,   yeah Gave you more than a mission,   love is war baby, yeah Gave you one big missile two big bombs baby, yeah Gave you one […]

Bino Rideaux – On My Soul Lyrics

(Chorus) 2x Oh, Oh All I know the hood gonna live forever on my soul yea Off the   post   had to jump   up and get it by my   ‘lone yea Big vibe, I got big vibe I’m, I’m 100   I   bring   my big lives   wit me I […]

Lil Wayne – Happen to You Lyrics

Play this song [Pre-Chorus] Don’t ever think that it can’t happen to you, you You gotta stand on your own   two,   win or lose And   if it gets too hard to   face the truth You got to grow through what you go through, yeah [Chorus] I need a bandage for the […]

Emilio Rojas – Hold It Down Lyrics

[Intro] I don’t need no one to hold it down My homies know when to hold it   down My   lady got it,   she hold it down I get it   poppin’, I hold it down I don’t need no one to   hold   it   down My homies know   when […]

Future – Never Gon Lose Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah This bitch from Australian and I’m an alien (808 Mafia) [Chorus] I sip out a cup of this shit, it’s so muddy, but I love it, baby When I jump out the whip, when I hop out the whip then I’m fresh in the latest I do what I want, and I smoke […]

Ray Dalton – In My Bones Lyrics

[Verse 1] Yes I made alot of mistakes, yeah Guess I been in my own way But I gotta   do   what it take   now Got me feeling like I missed   my time Got me feeling like I’m lost I’ll be facing all my demons now (now) [Pre-Chorus] I got my eyes […]