Russ – Sky Lyrics (feat. Boogie)

Between you and I When’s the last time you looked it in his eyes? Until you think you fly We’re buried in comparison of each other Our sisters, mothers, fathers and our brothers, yeah Yeah, we get caught up, we ride by ourselves Yeah, we block us, we stop ourselves From being everything we could […]

91darby – Manifesto Lyrics

Cease quiet or a cease fire Turn a shallow nigga into a deep diver Talking like a sure nigga, less talk, more dinner I can never get enough, I think that I’m a sore winner You can talk how you talk, are you moving like it On the road to success, I’m abusing nitrous Something […]

Babytron – Houdini Lyrics

S-C-A-M f*cking dummy head They put locks on the door but we coming in If that one bag open then I’m jumping in If she play hard to get slam dunk her friend What you think bitch the thrust forever on What you think bitch my trust forever gone If the piece hit punch another […]

Smokepurpp – Off My Chest Lyrics

Oh my God, no, oh my God Yeah, nigga, that’s how we rockin’, nigga Yeah, nigga, yeah, nigga Yeah [Chorus: Smokepurpp] I had to get this shit off of my chest (Woo hoo) Bad bitch, and I bought her some breasts (It was me) Fuck it, put a bitch on the jet I had to […]

Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb Lyrics

(drop the bomb) Baby drop the bomb (drop the bomb) Can we drop the bomb y’all? Say what now Give ’em some, give ’em some Uhh Drop the bomb, drop the bomb Can we drop the bomb on the [?] crew? Drop the bomb, drop the bomb [Break] Ooh, wee Look at ’em, they rollin’ […]

Luh Kel – Brb Lyrics

[Intro] (Hello?) Hello? (What’s up with you?) (Every time you in my city you saying we gon’ link And I can never see you) Man, you know I got you, fo sho [Verse 1] She know that she bad but she claim that she good Straight from New York, wit’ a boogie, no hood I […]

Yungen – Chosen Lyrics

[Verse 1] I don’t care what you read in some YouTube comments I’m the guy in my ends I’ve got BM’s doing the school run Brucking their neck when I drive my Benz My bro phoned me from the can And he told me to mind my friends Now it’s only fam I know Giggs […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Charles S. Dutton Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend] For trying get filthy owning my master and some realty f*ck with me [2pac] Show me a miracle I’m hopeless [Napoleon Da Legend] Off dopamine I’m overdosing Coping with emotions of the roller coaster One minute it’s up one minute it’s down My friends ain’t around I’m living in a cynical town […]

Chance The Rapper – Wala Cam lyrics

oh life I might spent on you All year, all night I might some f*ck some ads up Or f*ck your mans up I might f*ck some bands up Switch the plan up Leave the country like right now Shit, I might go flight I might take off tonight I might, I might, I might […]

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cardi B] Drop top Porsche (Porsche), Rollie’ on my wrist (wrist) Diamonds up and down my chain (aha!) Cardi B, straight stuntin’ can’t tell me nothin’ Bossed up and I changed the game (you see me?) It’s my big Bronx boogie, got all them girls shook (shook) My big, fat ass got all […]

Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2017 Lyrics

Niggas was just hype to see Ma$e finally fight back Oracle was cool but it wasn’t no Ether Ma$e going to hell for acting like he a preacher The 2Pac movie was wack Ask Kevin Hart Maino shooting 2Pac up was my favorite part Starz gave 50 a hundred mil He put me in a […]

6ix9ine – KeKe (Revised) Lyrics

[Intro:6ix9ine] Scum Gang [Hook: 6ix9ine] I’ll be on the block on the regular With my niggas bustin’ at the cops, on the regular Bitches suckin’ dick, givin’ top, on the regular Catch me water whippin’, straight drop, on the regular Yeah you know, I’ll run off with the shit, on the regular Bare faced, I’ma […]

Chief Keef – Glory Bridge Lyrics

[Verse 1: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie] All fly shit I used to go to school like this Off white kicks my shoelaces say shoelaces Orange tiger on my shirt I’m in some gucci shit She keep lying on my dick she on some hoochie shit We pull up in 20 Raris on some movie […]

Kodak Black – Halloween Lyrics

[Hook] Gemini, woke up on the wrong side of the sheets Like really I shoulda been born on halloween I ain’t no demon semen but I do evil deeds My daddy won’t ever see me I ain’t no devil’s seed I don’t remember his ass try checking up on me Why you drop another album […]

PnB Rock – Lovin Lyrics

Now that I’m on, it’s gone be a long time ’til they reach me I left them hanging just for reaching Bitch you’re going hard for somebody then they end up leaving That mean you did it for no reason Baby I’ma cuff you if I want to fuck a season If I cut you […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Day 1 Lyrics

Tweet Share (Intro) Nobody taught me sh*t about my day one Day one til that day come Who’d ever thought it’d be my day one Nobody taught me sh*t about my day one Seen some sh*t that get you murked if you say some (Verse 1) It hurt to kill a ni**a you love And […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – My Day One Lyrics

Tuki Carter – PWG Lyrics [Verse 3: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie] This ain’t what you want, just think about it, nigga, yeah, yeah I’ma fuck around and catch a body, nigga, yeah, yeah Niggas want me out of here, I gotta be aware, yeah Bitches ain’t shit and I ain’t really understand that Oh, […]

Beast mode – A boogie wit da Hoodie lyrics

Huh, man I swear I be so faded I almost forgot that I was famous Last night I almost popped a nigga He got too close, he had a hoodie on, he wanted a picture He ain’t even think that I was about to smoke him like a f*cking swisher I can’t afford it, I […]

KESHA – Boogie Feet lyrics

(Come on, please?) Dance with me, dance with me, please Come on, please? (Come on, please?) Or are you scared of these boogie feet? (Come on, please?) Dance with me (Dance with me, please) Dance with me (Dance with me, please) Beg for it (Dance with me, please) Come on, please? [Outro] Why waste your […]