Jimmy Ruffin – Lonely Lonely Man Am I Lyrics

[Verse 1] Lonely, lonely man am I As I sit here in my lonely room yeah People now, nothing’s been the same since you said to me We were all through Now, my my telephone never rings anymore (never rings) And no one ever knocks on my door Lonely, lonely man am I [Verse 2] […]

Aztec Camera – One And One Lyrics

background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY and LANI GROVES. produced by ROB MOUNSEY and RODDY FRAME. One and one is one I hear But it breaks my heart to come so near And find division standing in our way As London burns I lie awake And wrestle with this passive state But a broken heart […]

Pamungkas – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Lyrics

Ooh to you baby I’ll go raw I don’t wanna break it down Don’t you understand by now? [Chorus] I don’t wanna be alone I don’t wanna be alone And I’m gonna push you away again ‘Cause I just don’t wanna be alone I don’t wanna be alone And not that I can’t be alone […]

Tamaryn – Sandstone Lyrics

Anyway the rest look up Anyway the wind turns Anyway the rest stand all in the red sandAnyway the rest look up Anyway the wind turns Anyway the rest stand all in the red sand (crazy back up vocals) Feed us off the fire We observe your fate We deserve your mind Phoenix undefined Feed […]

Jess Williamson – Harm None Lyrics

All love, no money All love, no money You steal my heart Steal my heart And harm none Delphine is   in   the bathtub She is   light and she is full of   love Promise of a newborn freedom Haven’t need a net yet But I can feel it power Like music from […]

Chvse – Lonely Lyrics (feat. Jdam)

Hook: CHVSE Yeah See I told my mom I’d make it Even though it’s getting lonely And I know that I’m amazing ‘Cuz my papa always told me Verse 1: CHVSE With the road that’s getting lonely, constantly I’m zoning Out to over think about these people who ‘gon hold me Back Yea they saying […]

Brockhampton – Fishbone Lyrics

We don’t care [Verse 4: Jabari Manwa] [?], ah Only feel good in my jeans, ah Never gonna show ’em my sleeve, ah I’ma go and get my teeth, ah I’ma just smoke with me, ah Never gon’ set me free, ah [Bridge: bearface] It’s true love It’s true love (It’s true love) Hair down, […]

Lolo Zouai – Money Diamonds Roses Lyrics

[Intro] Money and diamonds and all of the roses Nothing compares to your love [Verse 1] You give me something   to   believe in (Money,   diamonds) When all the glamour is deceiving And   I’m too messed up for the f*cking show And I don’t want to go But they’re waiting on me, […]

Badger – One More Dream To Hold Lyrics

Ashley-Lomax Moaning pains in aeroplanes Who’s to blame in losing games I really don’t care anymore Can’t put myself there anymore I really don’t care anymore It all goes by so fast and cold Can I have one more dream to hold? Silent gloom in hotel rooms All the tunes seem to end too soon […]

Hyperaptive – One Of Them Dreams Lyrics (feat. Alice Olivia)

This solitary-prison! [Verse 1: Hyperaptive] I keep having one of them dreams, where life-is-a-breeze All the problems I’ve encountered all the strife-is-relieved A picturesque world, one not rife-with-unease Full of death and greed, where most of us have to fight-from-the-seed One of them dreams Where I ain’t estranged-from-this-Earth Never was that crazy kid who acted […]

Lonnie Donegan – Ham ‘n’ Eggs Lyrics

Ham and eggs, pork and beans I would’a had more, boys, but the cook was so mean I’m gonna ro-o-oll, roll in a hurry, hurry, hurry To make it on the side o’ the road If I had known my captain was blind Wouldn’t’a come to work, boys, when the clock struck nine I’m gonna […]

Adamn Killa – Rag & Bone Lyrics (feat. Lil B)

[Hook] Rag and bone is on my team PRP is on my jeans (x2) I might take a trigger to buy lean You niggas garbage like wall-e I’m Adamn there ain’t no stopping me Niggas think they me they don’t be where I be I think I’m (?) Cecily Niggas hating man they be so […]

Moneybagg Yo – Dice Game Lyrics

[Intro] Tay Keith [Chorus] I want some nice brain (brain), she want some nice things (purses and shit) I was just being a nigga, soon as I cum my mind changed (nah) I’m racing a demon, back for the keys, knowing it might rain (speedin’) Fuck it, I’m takin’ a gamble (fuck it), my life […]

Sam Smith – One Day At A Time lyrics

We feature thousands of lyrics, but unfortunately the One Day At A Time lyrics by Sam Smith are not available yet. These lyrics were added 12 hours ago. While we wait for the song to be released by Sam Smith – so we can add the lyrics to the site – check out our daily […]

Dream Evil – The Chosen Ones lyrics

We made it happen we’re the chosen ones! It seems to me like a journey without end So many years, too many battles We’ve finally arrived, now we’re standing at the gates Heroes of the day, legends forever We are the chosen ones, we sacrifice our blood We kill for honor We are the holy […]

Sly & The Family Stone – Are You Ready Lyrics

Don’t hate the black Don’t hate the white If you get bit Just hate the bite Make sure your heart is beatin’ right How’s your backbone How’s your eye? Let me dedicate my fuzz to you Are you ready (are you ready)? Are you ready (are you ready)? Are you ready (are you ready)? Are […]