Noah Kahan – Glue Myself Shut Lyrics

Constant and cold, how do you live with this? [Verse 1] You used to be scared of the water You’re safe by the side of your father Your   sense   of the world   lay In your little home by the   harbor You’ve always felt small in the city I think that last […]

Blu & Exile – Roots Of Blue Lyrics

[?] Sky blue hue Zulu land in apartheid’s name Made by God [?] Yo, check it [Verse 1] Yo, I’m the first man   standing   upright, holding a   stone in my hand After beating an   ape, claiming the land Taking the stand and feeding my fam Back   when   man   […]

Sean Slick – Daydreamer Lyrics

Sometimes I Day dream about a life like this Wife and kids The times like this You know A moment like this Leona Can’t think to be a loner Or a stoner , flow All my tears out Like Noah Day dream About being A billionaire Rich no care Pass the wealth To my lovely […]

Noah Cyrus – Liar Lyrics

[Verse 1] You always break a heart when you break a promise I guess I didn’t practice what   I   preach I know not   telling you was so dishonest But honestly,   the dishonesty was killing me [Chorus] You asked a question and I lied I think about it all the time I […]

MellowHype – Tisk Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, Left Brain, yes maybe God, she, Miyagi the best man [Verse 1] It’s MellowHype by the way, SMH, OMG Tisk tisk tisk La-di-da-di Vlade Divac get it popping, flopping And this-this-this Flip this-this What is this-this-this-this-this-this-this This is legit, characterizing, you categorizing I’m rapping, enticing, baptizing your wives Your daughters need holy water […]

GREEN DAY – Back In The USA lyrics

[Verse 1] I woke up to a bitter storm (bitter year) And Noah’s Ark came washed up on the shore The riot gear has lined the dawn (bitter year) Like dogs that sh*t on your neighbor’s lawn [Pre-Chorus] Let freedom ring with all the crazies on parade Let them eat poison and it tastes like […]

Again – Noah Cyrus feat. XXXTentacion lyrics

Lyrics Noah Cyrus – Again You just made the worst mistake And you’ll regret it, darling ‘Cause once you give and then you take You’ll only end up wanting.(again) Was everything hard enough? ‘Cause one day you’ll wake up, and then you’ll say. Ooh, she’s screaming in my head Ooh, I left her where I […]

Noah Cyrus – Again lyrics

Below are the complete “Again” lyrics by Noah Cyrus displayed. ‘Cause one day you’ll wake up and you’ll say I wanna be your lover I don’t wanna be your friend You don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone my dear So tell me that you love me again I wanna be your lover Baby, […]

Joseph – Stone The Crowes Lyrics

JOSEPHStone The Crowes Lyrics (Narrator) Pharaoh said (Pharaoh) Well stone the crows This Joseph is a clever kid Who’d have thought that fourteen cows Could mean the things he said they did? Joseph, you must help me further I have got a job for you You shall lead you through this crisis You shall be […]

K.O – No Feelings Lyrics

Like Nonke nonke nonke Msunu ka everybody yeah. khona kanjani? khona kanjani? K.O – No Feelings Lyrics ruuuu ke mang? Your favorite rapper kimi u’Rubbish I started from the bottom Ended up at the top of the world You know where to find me My IG location says I’m on top of your girl yeah […]

Noah Cyrus – We Are What Lyrics

NOAH CYRUSWe Are What Lyrics We are what These days we all need follow These days we’re feeling hollow Give back the only motto We are what They say it all gets better They say it won’t last forever Can someone pull the trigger We are what The fame The fame I want to hear […]

Hillsong Kids – Rainbow lyrics

It’s not a secret, It’s not a fairytale, It’s not made up, Jonah was in the whale, For three whole days, 123! The greatest treasure, The word God’s people wrote, It’s in the bible, Where Noah built a boat, And it rained and rained, The rainbows in the sky, To show God’s promises are true, […]