Taysav – PBG Music Pt. 2 Lyrics (feat. Bang Da Hitta)

[Verse 1: TaySav] Bitch we some monsters You can catch me at East Rogers Where them killers should have been some lawyers, businessmens or doctors Let me start off by saying free Shotta Niggas know big bro was a problem f*ck 12, 24th can’t stop none And the opps ain’t on shit, nigga stop frontin’ […]

Taysav – Picture Me Lyrics

Picture me fighting for my life Picture me hiding all my life Picture me riding on a heist cause I gotta see what them hunnids like Now picture me at Diddy crib Picture me with Jay & Kim Picture me with Jay & B (?) Young niggas just tryna live Picture me in a booth […]

Marley Marl – The Symphony, Part II Lyrics

I pull the trigger I figured nobody could dig a Milli Vanilli-ass nigga Prepare for shootin’ fair, I’m knockin’ boots daily Fruits, I rip ’em out of their Roots like Alex Haley Here I come straight to the mouth I’m kickin’ it slick, lyrics are harder than a dick inside a whore house Your neighborhood […]

Eminem – Untouchable lyrics

Below are the complete “Untouchable” lyrics by Eminem displayed. We just want a safe environment for our kids, but can’t escape The sirens Don’t take a scientist to see our violent nature lies In The poverty that we face so the crime rate’s the highest in The lowest classes, its like a razor wire fence […]

Maggie Rogers – Split Stones lyrics

We feature thousands of lyrics, but unfortunately the Split Stones lyrics by Maggie Rogers are not available yet. Split Stones lyrics Welcome to Directlyrics. While we wait for the song to be released by Maggie Rogers – so we can add the lyrics to the site – check out our daily updated blog or discover […]

Maggie Rogers – Say It Lyrics

[Verse 1] Standing in the open light [?] night I found myself staring at you And every time our fingers touched I felt like it would be too much And [?] [Refrain] I can not fall in love with you I can not feel this way so soon I can not be this way with […]

Stan Rogers – Second Effort Lyrics

STAN ROGERSSecond Effort Lyrics I’ve been sitting here crying since long before the day be-gan With my pockets full of nothing but broken dreams and my head in my empty hands The winnings that I thought I had and come so far to get Are further away then they’ve ever been, they’ve been taken by […]