Red Wanting Blue – My Name Is Death Lyrics

And I shot more men in Reno than he ever did. I got a million weapons and more ways to use em From nuclear power to drugs and boozin But my favorite just might be the element of surprise I whisper hey there fellas my name is Death So when you see me coming better […]

Mike Dreams – Ready For Me Lyrics

(Verse 1) They wanna know who Is this young, new Rapper on the scene Swagger a little dapper Maybe different than you’ve seen Hopefully you’ll read his chapters Just to figure what he means This God given talent, see I got it in my genes Like thread up on the pocket That you sew into […]

Mikey Omega – Venting Lyrics

[Intro] [Verse 1: Mikey Omega] Late nights and early mornings Bags under my eyes I don’t heed the warnings I don’t believe most of what people tell me Honestly, quite possibly for the fact that too many Have lied to me Why am I always thinking about the past Is my present really that bad […]

Cardi B Send A Message To Offset While Stunting Her Natural Hair

Using natural ingredients and easy-to-purchase items from the store, Cardi B made a concoction of avocado, mayonnaise, honey, eggs, a banana, Argan oil, and castor oil. Offset was busy voting so perhaps he didn’t get his hair treated by his wife. View this post on Instagram The end results of all that shit I put […]

Dame D.o.l.l.a. – Blacklist Lyrics

As a brotha with a good heart, I say "f*ck you," if you racist Or white, stayin’ quiet, you disablin’ the changes And f*ck bein’ famous, tired of watchin’ us complainin’ Cops kill a brother, get released after arraignments We in a pandemic, thought gettin’ out, there’d be more joy Watch the cop, knee to […]

Dizzy Wright – Police Can’t See Me Alive Lyrics

Oh, this what you’re trained to do Let’s clean up the system with private investigations Come on, look how they painting you Imagine what a little change’ll do The revolution will be televised When you see the looting, that’s what anger do Peaceful protest was exercised But the younger generation’s sick of this shit And […]

Nav – Overdose Lyrics

[Intro] Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh (Yeah) [Verse 1] Tryna cover pain up buyin’ all these things Lately I been   feeling   like it’s something   missing (Oh, missing) Lately it’s a problem   every time the phone ring (Ring, ring) Can’t help everybody, gotta do my own thing (Yeah) Wish that when […]

Tory Lanez Roast Lil Tjay and YK Osiris Over Amateur Boxing Match

Tory Lanez looks unlikely to face off against Osiris, despite the “Ride” singer reiterating that he wanted to go up against the Canadian, but it looks as though Trippie Reed has accepted the challenge. Can we get some post fight commentary in the comments y’all?? When the video of the duel went viral, Tory Lanez […]

Chris Brown Gets Royalty The Perfect Birthday Gift She Wanted

I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW! #RoRoTurnsSix #BigRoRo || @kidseyecandy A post shared by Royalty Brown Official (@missroyaltybrown) on May 27, 2020 at 12:41pm PDT View this post on Instagram Mommy and Daddy had me the best parade! “YOU ARE THE BEST PART OF ME!!!! But it was the “Say You Love Me” singer’s […]

Kidz Bop Kids – Come On Over Baby Lyrics

We could do what comes so naturally I got a thing for you, got my mind made up And I’m serious, never been more, baby I’m sure that it’s real And it’s right here, come on Come on, come on, come on over Come on, come on, come on over Come on, come on, come […]

Zach Boucher – Build A Home Lyrics (feat. Sailorurlove)

Maybe leave and find a place They don’t believe in hatred Where people speak their minds And never cover it with fakeness But if you’re here with me Is where I’m the safest [Chorus] (SailorUrLove): I know there’s quarks I’ve got to fix I know there’s cracks in all my bricks I know these things […]

Z-ro – It’s A Shame Lyrics

Gotta make sure these words are understandable Cause it’s a motherf*cking shame, all these short Comings in the game, hoe ass niggas, hoe ass bitches Know I’m saying [Z-Ro] I’m still King of the Ghetto, ain’t a damn thang changed Still sip out the prescription bottle, with hydro on my brain It help a nigga […]