Palmist – Without Her Lyrics

It’s a little pathetic While she’s parading around your head’s down Doing nothing about it (you’re doing nothing about it) Her eyes are fixated But you’re hesitating That girl should be leaving with you So when the world, gives a girl, who is out of this world You better leave it all behind ’cause your […]

Kygo – To Die For Lyrics

Give me a minute to get out of my mind To help me remember what the feeling was like When we were all alone watching late-night TV Your hand in mine Oh what I wouldn’t do to get back to you ‘Cause every time we touch, it cuts the deepest But I don’t wanna fall […]

Jarren Benton – Savage In The Sanctuary Lyrics (feat. Swizzz)

Don’t be the one bro What’s your name Savage in the sanctuary Everybody’s gettin buried They never show you love when it’s necessary Only pick the roses in the cemetery Bitch I always been a visionary Everything is legendary Please know that everybody’s gettin buried So please don’t let the savage in the sanctuary Uh […]

Billy Harvey – Frozen Through Lyrics

[Verse 1] Everything that you are Makes me wish for home Everytime that you leave I wanna turn to stone Everything that I feel Confuses me to death I could breathe but I won’t I’ll save what I have left [Chorus] Be my fire Melt me down You might start from The inside out Take […]

Kygo – How Would I Know Lyrics

How would I know? Will we ever stay high Long enough to survive these lows? Tell me, how would I know? Or just let you go? Tell me, how would I know? Would you give me a sign Should I stay or just let you go? How would I know? Tell me, how would I […]

Billie Holiday – You Go To My Head Lyrics

Fred Coots You go to my head You linger like a haunting refrain And I find you spinning round In my brain Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne You go to my head Like a sip of sparkling burgundy brew And I find the very mention of you Like the kicker in a […]

Skyzoo – A Song For Fathers Lyrics

Understood it back then but even more now It’s easier to feel it when it’s your child When forever is the only thing you want now Middle man with the baton, pass it on down Pass what he gave me to mine in due time From how to put a fist in the air to […]

Pop Xir – Not Fake Lyrics

Chorus: Baby stay with me So, Everything’s alright (Rock On, Rock On) No matter what they say Just hold me tight My love’s not fake (Yeah!) Baby stay with me So, Everything’s alright (Rock On, Rock On) No matter what they say Just hold me tight My love’s not fake (Yeah!) Aye Aye Aye Aye […]

Yxng Bane – Father Lyrics

I buy you rings cause you ring me up Girl I’m heartbroken Ima need more than a plaster And my trainers they were beat down You’re proud of me I’m proud of you then we go Prada And I don’t write shit I just freestyle I pour my heart out then I think about it […]

Chief Keef – Late 4 Dinner Lyrics (feat. Tadoe)

How I talk! (whare did my drink go?) I be, smoking gelato Cash, I need a lot more Chop you huarache My diamonds know karate (huh) You know none about me (bitch) Who got me like I got me? (skrt skrt) Hoes mad like a lot (more than you think) Moe, back up off me […]

Chvse – Lonely Lyrics (feat. Jdam)

Hook: CHVSE Yeah See I told my mom I’d make it Even though it’s getting lonely And I know that I’m amazing ‘Cuz my papa always told me Verse 1: CHVSE With the road that’s getting lonely, constantly I’m zoning Out to over think about these people who ‘gon hold me Back Yea they saying […]

Thelonious Monk – Body And Soul Lyrics

My heart is sad and lonely For you I sigh, for you dear only Why haven’t you seen it I’m all for you body and soul I spend my days in longing And wondering why it’s me you’re wronging I tell you I mean it I’m all for you body and soul I can’t believe […]

Frank Sinatra – Desafinado Lyrics

When I try to sing you say I’m off key Why can’t you see how much this hurts me With your perfect talent and your perfect pitch You’re a perfect terror When I come around, must you always put me down If you say my singing is off key my love You will hurt my […]

Nasty C – They Don’t Lyrics (feat. T.i.)

You never will, word to George Floyd, Emmett Till, and Sean Bell Guess they’d rather see us all in civil unrest Than to go and make some f*ckin’ arrests, f*ck is that? [Chorus: Nasty C] They don’t want me to win, they don’t want me to eat They don’t want to   see   a […]

Stavesacre – Sleepyhead Lyrics

Where you been What took so long How much time you need To nurse them old wounds Say again How you were wrong Surprise us all indeed As if we didn’t know Stop me if you’ve heard this one before Some old dream that died on the vine Wake yourself my sleepyhead Shake yourself cause […]

Carly Rae Jepsen – Solo Lyrics

You shine bright by yourself dancing solo [Pre-Chorus] You let go, she moved on A thousand stories before You felt it, then lost it You’re lonely, your heart aches But get yourself off the floor I can’t stand to see you crying [Chorus] So what you’re not in love? Don’t go wasting your nights getting […]

Jae Tips – River Road Lyrics

First I love you then I hate you then I love you again After the second time I call I think we better as friends I know im petty Being petty Made me have to pretend How it would feel being with you And how sweet is yo kiss I know yo boyfriend ain’t at […]