Got A Girl – Everywhere I Go Lyrics

She’s turning, she’s turning On her hinges, never slowing She’s burning, she’s burning All the bridges where she’s going She’s turning, she’s turning All the faces in the mirror wait As she’s falling Spinning slowly, take me over Make me feel like I am floating Up and over, take me under Now I’m free I’m […]

Kate Nash – To The Music I Belong Lyrics

You know I hold up the mirror, babe, I’m the truth, truth Look you in the eye and I see right through I can’t pretend but you want me to Yeah, I can only be real Yeah, yeah, I’m telling you I’m as real as it gets My skin is see-through I can be what […]

Lady Gaga – Fun Tonight Lyrics

I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling, I’m feeling with you I stare at the girl in the mirror, she talks to me too Yeah, I can see it in your face You don’t think I’ve pulled my weight Maybe it’s time for us to say goodbye cause I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling, […]

Whitesnake – Lie Down (a Modern Love Song) Lyrics

You give an air of the Dolce Vita, society’s made a queen out of you. Lie down, I think I love you, lie down, I think I care. LIE DOWN (A MODERN LOVE SONG) You got the smile of a Mona Lisa, know it all an’ giving nothing away you make the sins of a […]

Meliah Rage – History Will Tell Lyrics

Is there a consciousness? A child, a boy, a girl A legacy bestowed How do you view the world? To seek our righteousness The mirror can’t reflect What’s absent from your soul History will tell, if firm foundations last Where will we end up? Living in the past History will tell, if we rose or […]

Tommy Lee Sparta – Money Pon Mi Mind Lyrics

[Intro] A nuh time fi nuh crime now Right now money pon me mind now Hustle up hustle up right now Hustle up hustle up right now [Chorus] Right now money pon me mind dawg Right now money pon me mind dawg Right now me deh pon e grind dawg [Verse 1] First class, upliftment […]

Edgar Allan Poe – The Premature Burial Lyrics

A student, however, was especially desirous of testing a theory of his own, and insisted upon applying the battery to one of the pectoral muscles. A torpid uneasiness. The silver cord was not for ever loosed, nor the golden bowl irreparably broken. Just as the day dawns to the friendless and houseless beggar who roams […]

Lil Yachty – Who Want The Smoke? Lyrics

(Word, word, word, b-b-b-blat) Who want the smoke? (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Who want the, who want the, who want the smoke? (Yeah, who?) Who want the smoke? (Word) Who want the, who want the, who want the smoke? Wet him up, humble up Seen the Ghost, [?] got a scope and I hope That they […]

Queen – Karma Lyrics

I held you down for the longest And i was there through all of your darkest moments Feels just like yesterday when we were homeless Got you some bread and start treating me bogus Talking bout you wanted something new like i wasn’t good enough for you Guess you done caught you a case of […]

Queen Naija – Karma (Explicit) Lyrics

Guess you done caught you a case of amnesia Maybe you should take a look in your rearview Cause; Obviously you forgot all the times that I held you when you cried And, don’t you remember even when you was in the wrong, I still stayed by your side? Verse 1: I held you down […]

Lil Wayne – Big Bad Wolf Lyrics

Where the wettest clitoris and fattest nipples? (Rrr!) With an ass that jiggle with a grab or tickle With a throat deep enough to land a missile If ya nigga miss you and he have opinions Tell him two cents is only half a nickel Now we at his villa, aiming at his pillows Hair […]

Drake – Diplomatic Immunity Lyrics

Lo A Rotterdam trip had me on front page though I had to lay low, Hot Topic like your everyday clothes Closed off but I could never stay closed Billboard awards, I claimed 13 out in Vegas like Sureños Black excellence, but I guess when it comes to me it’s not the same though, all […]

Brian – See Me Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy [Bridge] See me run, see me run Run until my lungs might give Runnin’ for the front, I feel like Usain in this bitch (ayy) Passin’ all these runners, number one is in my list Blinders on me, I can’t even see See me in my tour bus by myself Call me selfish […]

G-Eazy – No Less Lyrics

When we look in these mirrors, are we seein’ smoke? And this might be the realest shit I wrote Love’s a challenge, but this ain’t gotta be difficult [Chorus: Louis Mattrs & SG Lewis] I won’t settle for no less Give you my hardest, no rest I just wanna do you right I hold heaven […]

G-Eazy – Summer In December Lyrics

[Intro] Uh, yeah I just told myself, uh Yeah, uh, yeah [Chorus] Welcome to LA The land of opportunity where everybody stay The girls are pretty, the sun will shine 360 days But I don’t always feel that way, today I need some gray Yeah, uh, please protect my soul before they weather it away […]

SZA Feat. dvsn – The Weekend (Remix) Lyrics

The feelin’ is wreckless Of knowin’ it’s selfish Knowin’ I’m desperate Gettin’ all in your love Fallin’ all over love, like Do it ’til it hurts less Hanging out the back, all up in your lap Like is you comin’ home? Tweet Share (Verse 1: SZA) You say you got a girl How you want […]

Megan and Liz – Handsome Lyrics

[VERSE 1] You’re not who you were better than when you were with her Cause she didn’t see made you see the man that I see He’s thoughtful, he’s sexy Mysterious, so good to me You’re not who you were [Chorus] Baby, take my hand somewhere I’ve never been Pull me in put your heart […]

Forgetting All About You – Phoebe Ryan lyrics

Hey Phoebe, let me hit this spliff So I can finally breathe again Life is like a ceiling fan, spinning ’round my head It’s like I really wasn’t with the sitch Until I learned to hit the switch Turn you off, look in the mirror “Ooh, I f*cks with me again” Ooh baby, life’s crazy […]

Carina Round – Girl And The Ghost Lyrics

What’s that in your wake? The curse or the key? Your whole world exploding And flashes of fire Shards of broken dreams Stuck in your hands Pick the pieces out, put them back together as best you can Through the imperfections Through the imperfections And the cracks You will see the difference between… What you […]

John Legend – You & I (nobody In The World) Lyrics

JOHN LEGENDYou & I (nobody In The World) Lyrics You fix your make up, just so Guess you don’t know, that your beautiful Try on every dress that you own You were fine in my eyes, a half hour ago If your mirror won’t make it any clearer i’ll Be the one to let you […]