Turnstile – Fuck Me Blind lyrics

No more sex No more love No more kissy kiss No more fuck No more gay No more straight No more fucking rules No more hate Fuck me, fuck me blind Touch me, touch me blind Fuck me, fuck me blind Touch me, fuck me blind No more him No more her No more stupid […]

6LACK – One Way (feat. T-Pain)

[Verse 1: 6LACK] Hands ’round my neck You know I got a lot left Can’t have nobody else getting away You should get your confirmation today Usually I don’t do no flying out But I been going through some things on the road yeah Thinking ’bout that old thing We still haven’t even been to […]

2Pac – Can U Get Away (Remixes Vol. 2 Album)

So much pressure in the air (I know it is) And I can’t get away (Yeah you can) I’m not happy here (You ain’t happy huh ..Can U Get Away?) So much pressure in the air (I know.. Shake that sucker to the left Let me show you what this life is really about Ya […]

Meaningless Lyrics – Pain Of Salvation

I still smell of sweat Still the scent of my giving in Try to feel regret But I want it to stay on my skin I still fantasize Close my eyes to be wrong again Still those fuck-me eyes As I’m licking the palm of my hand How the hell Am I supposed to keep […]

G Herbo – OFNG Lyrics

Wasn’t nobody there to raise lil’ Gage Shit, he the same age lil’ cuz Remember I ain’t give a fuck ’bout nothin’ (Nothin’) I was bout the same age, lil’ sis (Bout’ the same age) Mama talkin’ ’bout give her a hug (Give her a hug?) Shit, I need somebody to show me love (Show […]

​BROCKHAMPTON – chain on / hold me Lyrics

(Huh?) Or when my homies bring my name up is it breedin’ spite? Play this song [Part I: chain on] [Intro] One, two [Chorus: Kevin Abstract] Go ahead, throw a chain on, nigga Tell them boys where you came from, nigga Tell   them   boys why I   stay up late Tryna say, tryna […]

Juice WRLD – Outta Pocket Lyrics

[Hook] I’m high, and I’m nauseous Oops, I meant obnoxious These hoes flockin’ These niggas watchin’ Runnin’ outta options’ Gettin’ outta pocket These hoes watchin’ These niggas flockin’ Runnin’ outta options Gettin’ outta pocket These hoes watchin’ These niggas flockin’ Runnin’ outta options Gettin’ outta pocket [Verse 1] I see fake shit almost every day […]

Russ – Don’t Fall For It Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah They prolly gonna call this hate But people hate the truth Fuck it [Chorus] Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ guns all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ money all the time Don’t fall for it Don’t fall for it Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for […]

Token – One Like Equals Lyrics

She know how to pose Daddy doesn’t get it, she say cause he’s old He say it’s not a job unless it pays So she got photographers to shoot her as she lays On the bed, he gives her money and praise Pop it out, post it up, get your money, ay Oh, look at […]

Lil Wayne – Weezy N Madonna Lyrics

It make the music world spin, and that’s what it’s all about, and it’s ’cause they say it How you poppin’ pain pills and you living with the pain? Or these no-names hanging with a nigga with a name? [Hook 1: Lil Wayne & Stephanie Acevedo] You can throw up peace, I’m throwin’ squad up […]

Vic Mensa – We Could Be Free

I feel like Jadakiss every time I watch the news What the fuck I got to lose? [Intro] We could be free If we only knew we were slaves to the pains of each other One thing I believe I could learn To see my enemy as my brother Then we could be free, truly […]

Lloyd Banks – Young and Reckless Lyrics

Day of the reckless, out disrespecting they old head Clowns’ll fuck up the party, killers to paint the snow red They zoom in scopes ’cause I done set the bar so high my nose bled Your favorite rapper I’ll pack as my microphone bed Lid razor for dreamy eyes I need my safe my TV […]

Don Q – Trap Phone (feat. Desiigner)

[Intro: Don Q] Yeah Don Put the suit back on all you niggas [Verse 1: Don Q] Fuck what I overcame They slaughtered my name and they tarnished it I just came up on a open lane They say I’m the one who gon’ conquer it You wasn’t there when we started it Now you […]

Jay-Z – Smile (feat. Gloria Carter)

[Verse 1: JAY-Z] Slammin’ Bentley doors like we invented doors 20 years ago we drove Bentley Azures We drinkin’ Cristal and…yeah Kept the tray on me like Chris Paul then Drinkin’ Ace of Spades like it’s codeine now Tryna put a million on the whole team now Push through the pain so we can see […]

G-Eazy – No Less Lyrics

When we look in these mirrors, are we seein’ smoke? And this might be the realest shit I wrote Love’s a challenge, but this ain’t gotta be difficult [Chorus: Louis Mattrs & SG Lewis] I won’t settle for no less Give you my hardest, no rest I just wanna do you right I hold heaven […]

Lil Durk – No Standards

Nigga you stupid I know you tryna figure out who I’m talkin about I told u imma spazz told me put the guns down You got em around your kids when they ain’t around I can fuck on who I want I’m famous now Got yo friends all in yo ear sayin’ that I’mm bad […]


But, I guess the spotlight breeds envy But, tempt me with one wrong move I can put it in your life, either way, I don’t lose Hit the snooze Drinking booze, I’m a fool with the tool Buried in the backyard with an underground pool $uicideboy$, go and kill yourself Doing drug after drug, dog, […]

Quality Control – Bosses Don’t Speak Lyrics

Bitch I might be (stupid bitch) Chanel seats, mansion twelve thousand square feet (yeah) Once I beat, I tell that bitch to stay away from me (beat it) I’m not talkin’ ’bout no thot, I’m talkin’ your favorite piece (I am) I came from the Nawf then jumped into the Major League (I did) You […]