Kyle Lucas – Caught Up Lyrics (feat. Weather)

lListen to what you saying About to throw it all away, well these fans they’ve all been waiting Impatiently for years, their ears are finally craving Man the outcome, is this album, damn son it’s blazing What about all those mix tapes, you’ve built this from the pavement You gave them all that free music, […]

Dion – Song For Sam Cooke (here In America) Lyrics

We traveled this land back in nineteen sixty-two We played the places that were home to   me   and you We drove   to Memphis, rocked a set We walked   the streets at night and smoked a cigarette Here in America Here   in   America There   was so much   I […]

Casa Loma – Olivia, Marley, And The Duck Pond Lyrics

I am so proud of you forever Hey Marley Joy How did you sleep? I’ve been waiting   for you to wake up… And all this time I’ve lived my life on the road looking for signs that I’ll get right… No, I’ll get right for you… When I’m no longer here to be with […]

Red Wanting Blue – My Name Is Death Lyrics

And I shot more men in Reno than he ever did. I got a million weapons and more ways to use em From nuclear power to drugs and boozin But my favorite just might be the element of surprise I whisper hey there fellas my name is Death So when you see me coming better […]

Sheppard – Symphony Lyrics

Curtains open, scared to get up on the stage Second guessing, no way that I could have played I was fearing, blank stares and empty chairs Then you found me, and pushed me into the light All around me, the crowd was coming alive I got lost in your bright technicoloured dream So I’m never […]

Becky Hill & Sigala – Heaven On My Mind Lyrics

[Verse 1] Last night, I had a dream Was up in the clouds, was finally free I heard a   choir   started to sing The   songs that we sang when you   were with me [Pre-Chorus] I never thought I’d be so high There’s no need for me to hide All I need […]

Jack Hardy – Willow Lyrics

How the willow weeps In the wind it sings Though we’ve heard that song before But I planted this one Just last spring Outside my kitchen door For I knew it was your favorite tree And I knew that it grew fast But I think it all now vanity To think that tree would last […]

Te Dness – Moonwalk Lyrics (feat. Che Lingo)

[Intro] Bezzie on the beat, ha, ha, ha [Verse 1: TE dness] [?], sometimes I step in this both And I don’t really wanna leave but I don’t really wanna stay I’ve been goin’ through some things and I don’t really wanna say Sometimes I feel like there’s no option, ’cause everybody got they own […]

Dermot Kennedy – Giants Lyrics

Just say the word and I’ll be yours You know I never forgot The hope and the hurt Has lived inside of me But there’s gold in the dirt I never took the time to see But I knew of its worth When you walked beside of me And my hand fit in yours Like […]

Ben Platt – Better Lyrics

[Outro] I don’t wanna wait any longer for the feeling of getting stronger Maybe that’s why I wrote a song for you ‘Cause you know me better, better than I know myself [Verse 2] I don’t feel like we’re done here You got a lock on the things I want I’m a lost, lonely one […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – 7 Mac 11’s Lyrics

[Intro] (Almighty God) This young nigga with me Really shoot like Trae [Chorus] I’m pullin’ up with seven MAC-11s Hop out   the   double-R, Louis V   steppin’ Put a beam on every single   weapon Send me the addy and I’ma address it I wanna start rippin’ through your leggings You’re better than […]

Jay Critch – Hoes Fav Lyrics

they covered in singles [Verse] Run it up an i go out on the road Bad bitches, got em touching they toes The diamonds swinging like, tape Diamonds hitting and they breaking your nose Can’t fuck with these niggas, they breaking the code Im making plays with the x’s and o’s She love the dick, […]

BANDANA GANG Lyrics and Video Song – DIVINE, Sikander Kahlon

Bandana bandana gang Karte hum gully mein hang Bolte hum gali ke slangs Bandana bandana gang Bandana bandana gang Karte hum gully mein hang Bolte hum gali ke slangs Bandana bandana gang Bandana bandana gang Mashallah mashaalh gang Karte hum gully mein hang Bandana bandana gang Bandana bandana gang Mashallah mashaalh gang Karte hum gully […]

Kodak Black – VULTURES CRY 2 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Kodak Black] Helluva made this beat, baby (Oh) [Chorus: Kodak Black] Say he’s a warrior (Oh) He can do anything (He can   do   anything, oh) Say he’s   a vulture, he can fly (He’s   a vulture) He can do anything (He can do anything, anything) See   I’m […]

Lil Keed – Fox 5 Lyrics

(No) Oh, okay [Chorus: Lil Keed] Free   Homicide,   it   was just a   homicide, yeah, in   the daytime Yeah, seen a bitch rob ’em, know we’ll kill him, thinkin’ he gon’ take mine Know I’m ballin’ on a bitch ass nigga, and I pass his ho like it’s Matt Ryan Yeah, […]

Galahad – Richelieu’s Prayer Lyrics

And I’ll say a prayer in the church of compassion Miracles have been known to happen, haven’t they? So I’ve been told It could have been me It could have been you It could have been me It could have been anyone of you They’re putting on the pressure They put you under pressure They’re […]

Kim Chiu – Bawal Lumabas (the Classroom Song) Lyrics

Kay gulo gulo ng puso at isipan ko Daming sinasabi at nangyayari sa paligid ko Tambay sa   bahay,   nagkalat ang pasaway Just   like your kilay, mukhang hindi nag-comply Ba’t   ayaw nating maging positive Napakarami na ring negative Haters telling me how to live (But I just choose to forgive) Sa classroom […]

Gill Landry – Annie Lyrics

In my mind I see you there, With your raven eyes, And your coal black hair, Down on Tchoupitoulas Street, On your balcony, Oh Annie come back home to me, I came down from Mont Claire and, Met the devil there, He asked me the way back home, Got down on all fours, I said, […]