Jimmy Ruffin – Lonely Lonely Man Am I Lyrics

[Verse 1] Lonely, lonely man am I As I sit here in my lonely room yeah People now, nothing’s been the same since you said to me We were all through Now, my my telephone never rings anymore (never rings) And no one ever knocks on my door Lonely, lonely man am I [Verse 2] […]

Lil’ Yachty – T.d Lyrics

I’m runnin’ the maps I run it like laps, they runnin’ in last I might overlap and won’t double back ’cause my past is my past They all from my path and part on my back She wanted a bag, wanted some Raf Mines came with a name, hers came with some change We want […]

Bob Dylan – Key West (philosopher Pirate) Lyrics

[Verse 1] McKinley hollered, McKinley squalled Doctor said, “McKinley, death is on the wall ‪Say it to me, if   you   got something to   confess” ‪I heard all about it, he   was going down slow ‬ ‪I heard it all, the wireless radio ‬ ‪From down in the boondocks way down in […]

J Alvarez – Haters Lyrics (feat. Bad Bunny & Almighty)

[Letra de “Haters”] [Intro] Ando bien eleva’o Mike, estoy bien safao’ Ando bien elevado, diablo, safao’ Dímelo, Mike Ey, ey, ey, ey [Verso 1] Look at   this   niggas, they’re hatin’ Y   yo chingando en un hotel (Jeh,   jeh) Y esos que roncan de ticket, yo les clavé la mujer (Jeh) Saben […]

Lianne La Havas – Read My Mind Lyrics

I’m yours, oh, boy [Verse 2] Oh, no, you’re everywhere that I go You’re in my head again, oh, stuck in my head again Full force, means you’re taking her course No need for hide-and-seek I’ll let you find me Loving like personified I’m so into him, oh Oh, God, it’s glistening [Chorus] Pure joy […]

Cyndi Lauper – Rats Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: Cyndi Lauper] Sneaking around in the dark I know you’re there somewhere You’re just like a pin stuck in   my   heart Just because I   know you’re there Oh mom, don’t be   mean, don’t be cruel, don’t you care? Cause mom, that look   in   your […]

Jehry Robinson – Gas In The Tank Lyrics

[Verse 1] Yo these dudes got too much lean in they soda By the time they start the   beat’s   over See these record   labels meet quotas So I’m just here   to keep focus When they let me steer, I reached over I grabbed this f*cking wheel and killed both us You […]

Got A Girl – Everywhere I Go Lyrics

She’s turning, she’s turning On her hinges, never slowing She’s burning, she’s burning All the bridges where she’s going She’s turning, she’s turning All the faces in the mirror wait As she’s falling Spinning slowly, take me over Make me feel like I am floating Up and over, take me under Now I’m free I’m […]

Famous Dex – Like U Know Me Lyrics

Dexter! Ha yeah, Ohmangoddamn! Y’all some whole bitch Nigga I’ll shoot at you with this whole clip I got a K and I’ll let it spray Cook a nigga up and I ain’t talking steak Put you in the ice like a cube Ha bitches wanna play me like a GameCube Ha yeah what ha […]

Brinsley Schwarz – The Last Time I Was Fooled Lyrics

Well, the last time I was fooled It almost blew my mind Pretty women, they were everywhere Not   one   of them was   mine I’d faced ten-thousand tomorrows Instead of one   today You don’t say hi to no one Or farewell when she goes away Just last Saturday night I was sittin’ […]

Antoine Dunn – Can’t Forget Lyrics

Yeah Oooooh, yeah Oooooh Look Baby I, baby I, Never meant to make you cry Baby you, you and I Are so different Why can’t we listen, I’m tired of That we were together Whatever, whenever I try to let, try to let Try to let you go I forget, I forget I forget to […]

G Herbo – Cap Guns Lyrics

If we ain’t go as hard as we did, probably all’ll be dead Lean on each other, came through for another, that’s all that we had They don’t understand, so callin’ my lawyer again, that’s all that we said Everywhere we stand, them people was on us for playin’ them corners again But they don’t […]

Sylvain Cossette – Angie Lyrics

Angie, Angie When will those clouds all disappear? With no lovin’ in our soul and no money in our coats You can’t say we’re satisfied But Angie, Angie You can’t say we never tried Angie, you’re beautiful But I hate that sadness in your eyes Angie, I still love you baby Remember all those nights […]

Bloxx – Sea Blue Lyrics

[Intro] (You) [Verse 1] So take a look outside You know it’s getting colder And you say that I don’t know ya Well, I don’t know if I Just need a little time I think I might need to let it die [Chorus] But I’ll wait for you (You) But I’ll wait for you (You) […]

Pop Smoke – Woo Shit Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Pop Smoke] AXL (AXL), AXL (AXL), AXL (AXL) Look, woo [Chorus: Pop Smoke] Look I’m downtown Chicago, on Michigan Ave with Polo and   we   on some woo   shit (Woo shit) I walk in to   Saks Fifth with a bad bitch, and we both feelin’   ruthless   […]

Styles P – Time Lyrics

[Intro] Gotta feel the vibes, you know Just go with it Light somethin’ up, turn this shit up Lay   back,   listen to me,   for real Space Ghost, you know Hahaha, it’s   my time, as always (Vinny Idol, nigga) [Verse 1] If you kick it on   the   strip,   you […]

Barbara Pennington – Midnight Ride Lyrics

Oh, oh, baby, come back to me Runnin’ through the city streets Through the days and nights Blinded   by   the glare of   all those city lights People movin’ past   you with their heads in the air Everywhere you look, they all seem to say Uh-huh, yeah, baby, baby Take a midnight […]

Hyperaptive – Reverie Road Lyrics

Every song I’ve made has been illustrated from the heart But Rap now, just ain’t appreciated for the art And you ain’t considered shit if you don’t make it to the charts Regardless though I can’t adjourn rap I’m too far down this road now to turn back This is a part of my life […]