Oscar Dylan – Syrup Lyrics (feat. Elen K.)

(Verse 1 – Oscar Dylan): And once we forget it all Our blood will be running cold Know I’ve been out of touch Know life can get too much Cause everyone seems so unchanging and I I feel like they simply are waisting my time As soon as I figure what I should’ve done I’ll […]

Bob Dylan – Black Rider Lyrics

Black rider, black rider, you’ve been living too hard Been up all night, have to stay on your guard The path that you’re walking, too narrow to walk Every step of the way, another stumbling block The road that you’re on, same road that you know Just not the same as it was a minute […]

Bob Dylan – Key West (philosopher Pirate) Lyrics

[Verse 1] McKinley hollered, McKinley squalled Doctor said, “McKinley, death is on the wall ‪Say it to me, if   you   got something to   confess” ‪I heard all about it, he   was going down slow ‬ ‪I heard it all, the wireless radio ‬ ‪From down in the boondocks way down in […]

Dylan Schneider – Bad Thing About A Backroad Lyrics

[Verse 1] Nothing better than a four wheel sunset Two lane with a pastel sky That feeling that you   get   wide open, rollin’   yellow faded lines Way out in the   country, where the world slows down Used to be one of y’all out there, but I hardly ever drive ‘em now […]

Dylan Schneider – We’ve Been Here Before Lyrics

[Verse 1:] Hard times I know we’ve been navigating hard times Drivin’ home in silence and the car light Could this be the end Sleepin’ I know you’ve been having trouble sleepin’ Trust in me the light is gonna creep in Just around the bend Don’t you know [Chorus:] We’ve been here before We’ve been […]

Secret – DYLYN lyrics

Love him now? DYLYN lyrics Video DYLYN Daddy’s got a secret, had it on the weekend Mama, how you gonna love him now? Love him now? Love him nowww? Daddy’s got a secreeet, now I know he’s cheating Mama, how you gonna love him now? Love him now? Love him now? How’s mama gonna love […]

Bob Dylan – Apple Suckling Tree Lyrics

The forty-nine of you like bats out of hell Oh, underneath that old apple suckling tree. Underneath that tree, there’s just gonna be you and me Under that apple suckling tree, oh yeah! Oh yeah Who’s on the table, who’s tell me? I push him back and I stand in line Oh yeah Then I […]

Bob Dylan – Yesterday Lyrics

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. Oh, i believe in yesterday. Mm mm mm mm mm. Why she had to go i don’t know she wouldn’t say. Oh, yesterday came suddenly. Suddenly, i’m not half the man i used to be, There’s a shadow hanging over me. I said something wrong, now […]

Enej – Vitre Hnatyi Lyrics

Нoвa є Пoльщa і Укрaїнa Нoвe мaйбутнє нaрoдилa! Pidete z namy, bratia myli! Wizmemo rożu w ruky! Witre bujnyj pokaży de maju buty! Witre hnatyj zawedy mene do chaty! Witre hnatyj zawedy mene do chaty! Nowa je Polszcza i Ukraina Nowe majbutnie narodyla! Вітрe гнaтий, зaвeду мeнe дo xaти! Ref.: Witre hnatyj zawedy mene do […]

Uncle Trey – Heel Lyrics

[Verse 1] Die remembered as a hero or live long become a villain Stay humble, praise idols or get big enough to kill em Brush the haters off your shoulders or let your shoulder grow a chip My whole life I took the high road, you muhf*ckas can’t tell me shit Tell niggas this my […]

Plumbo – Konger Av Sommeren Lyrics

Sommer idyll, børst og fyll Sommer og sol, kvinner og hor Vi får i bøtter og spann alle mann Det vi har drømt om vinter’n lang Vi tenner et bål i guds natur Og junior han er i fri dressur Du og jeg med gå-bort kanne Sitter og ser ut, ut over vannet For vi […]

Supershirt – Kiez Und Kneipe Lyrics

[Verse 1] In unserm Kiez gibt’s eine Kneipe Die ist das Gegenteil von “in” Die finden viele scheiße Wir gehen da jeden Abend hin Außer wir sind pleite Die Kollegen warten drin’ Und draußen viele Feinde In unserm Kiez ist ‘ne Kneipe Mittendrin in der großen Stadt Da vorne fahren die Bullen Streife Und die […]

Johnny Cash – Wanted Man Lyrics

JOHNNY CASHWanted Man Lyrics [Written by Bob Dylan] Wanted man in California, Wanted man in Buffalo Wanted man in Kansas City, Wanted man in Ohio Wanted man in Mississippi, Wanted man in ol’ Cheyenne Wherever you might look tonight you might see this wanted man I might be in Colorado, Or Georgia by the sea […]

Junky – Brockhampton lyrics

Feelin’ like a goner Put my life in locker Hotbox in the Hummer Hotbox in the summer If I had the option, I would do it all again If I had the option, I would do it all again I just wanna feel like I did the right program I just want to appeal to […]

Dillon Francis – Say Less Lyrics

Isa- uhhh… forget it That’s like a week ago But we both know how weekends go Tryna function, got some places we could go Lock jaw got me speakin slow like I’m blessed on blessed I don’t GAFOS You tryna f**k? Isabella? (What you wanna do now?) Look baby, pass the Stella Don’t spill on […]

Vic Mensa – Omg Lyrics (feat. Pusha-t)

Pusha-t) Pullin up with the coupe (Oh my goodness) Must’ve done something with the roof (Oh my goodness) You see the look of stupid on the stoop (Oh my goodness) I would take notes if I were you (Oh my goodness) This was designed with the stars, the square, the cross So ain’t no shootin’ […]

Bubble butt – Seyed songtexte

Ihr Arsch ist so groß, Mann, ich führ’ mit ihr ‘ne Fernbeziehung Face down, a*s up widerspricht bei ihr der Erdanziehung Drück den Kopf ins Kissen als wär’ es ‘ne Mordwaffe Deine B***h hat flachen A*s und eine Michael-Kors-Tasche (tja) Arsch so voluminös, keiner kann ihn flachlegen Stopp! Songtexte Seyed – Bubble butt Panoramamodus auf […]