Pamungkas – Riding the Wave Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Penny For a thought I would be rich Ruling the world I’d be king Oh my oh my Plenty Of   things   I would like   to say But somewhat I am short   on words Oh my oh my [Pre-Chorus] I’m falling again And I get up again […]

Miasmal – Until The Last Lyrics

From the beyond, the blackened siren calls Singing the words of false deliverance Craving the souls from those who falls Singing from the sinking island of reverence Hidden from the suns burning rays Freezing, the blood freezes in your veins The futile hopes, the dreams of the remaining Seeping out into the seas Drifting towards […]

Mark Knopfler – When You Leave Lyrics

And now that I’m caught How could I not be blue? When you leave There’s cordite in the air A ringing in the stillness Smoke drifting up the stair When you leave When you leave My heart sounds in my ears A beating in the darkness A trace of you still here When you leave […]

Jule Vera – Bad Company Lyrics

[Chorus] No I’m not right for you You know you’re no good for me Oh won’t you be my bad, bad company Because I’ll lie to you And I know you like hurting me Oh won’t you be my bad, bad company My bad, bad company [Outro] Oh, be my bad company Oh, won’t you […]

Night Flight Orchestra – Servants Of The Air Lyrics

I’ve been drifting ‘cross the heavens Like a supersonic wraith And the codes I’ve been transmitting Went unnoticed into space There were times I thought I saw you Like a beacon from afar Guess I never really knew you But I sensed just what you are And as the light returns to guide us I […]

Silent Planet – Firstborn (Ya’aburnee) Lyrics

The ink has spilled across the page Shaping surviving sun to shade [6] Valleys and peaks, in grief Descent into a ceaseless sleep [Bridge: Garrett Russell] See how the night unfolds Constellations welcome you home [7] Adrift in the river beyond our memories You bury me [Chorus: Garrett Russell & Thomas Freckleton] I memorized your […]

Negaphone – Skrt Lyrics

[Paroles de NegaPhone “Skrt”] [Intro] Skrt skrt skrt Skurt [Pré-refrain] Bandana f rass, iddi f jiib Da9a ghatji face, choha l3a9a lah ijib Tol 3lina bro b rite, b lile b nhar Drifty nota fog skate, semmawni Mozart [Refrain] Makarhoch ga3 nesskout (skout skout) Ndir lfoummi skrt (skrt skrt) Nigga Drifting like a skurt (skurt […]

Dream Awake – Anaesthesia Lyrics

Here we are amidst the void Pending in an endless time Anaesthesia to the mind Inscribed in bloodshot   eyes Circumvent   isolation We all suffer In   another of your masquerades As our conscience   fades The image of our entirety Hidden by a spotlight in your hands I’m giving up but I’m not […]

Alec Benjamin – Match in the Rain Lyrics

I sense trouble on the horizon I’m afraid our time is up [Chorus] The clouds are rolling in, I feel you drifting away And though my intuition tells me that it’s too late That in these conditions, tryna bring back the flame is like Tryna light a match in the rain I still want to […]

Tool – Descending Lyrics

Muster every fiber Mobilize Stay alive Stir us from our Wanton slumber Mitigate our ruin Call us all to arms and order Free fall through our midnight This epilogue of our own fable Heedless in our slumber Floating nescient we free fall through this boundlessness This madness of our own making Falling isn’t flying Floating […]

Eels – Bone Dry Lyrics

(sha la la) You took all of it (sha la la) (Sha la la, sha la la, sha la la) (sha la la) Bone dry, whoo! [Verse 1] In my dream, I see you there Your eyes fixed in a vacant stare A little laugh, a crooked smile Don’t lift a finger while I lay […]

Praying Mantis – Gravity Lyrics

It’s time to fly I’m outta here I gave you what I could I’ll stay in   touch   so let’s be   clear I love my neighbourhood The call   came up so suddenly the time had finally come The stars they looked so heavenly on earth I will be done No escape this […]

Maude – Love Dies Lyrics

Remember what I said, my love Now you better pray the Lord I know where you’re waking   up Where   you’re waking up Remember   what you said, my love That you’d   never break my heart All the lies you’re making up Up, and   up,   and   up, and up Monday, […]

Okta Logue – Devil’s Dance Lyrics

You’ve got the money to spend You are your own favorite friend, you shine You don’t let them fool you But you’re frozen in time, in the ruins of ‘69 Stuck in a phone booth You’re repeating the same drunk dials Is there someone to hold you When you’re hanging from bourbon skies? The hours […]

Outline In Color – Dissolve Lyrics

Does my emptiness complete you? [Pre-Chorus] I was the salt of the earth I was spawned from the red dirt Stuck inside my head I made everything worse Unholy hallucination I’m feeling like a living abomination [Bridge] It follows It follows [Chorus] And I’m dead to rights It’s I against I An eye for an […]

Sheppard – Come Back Lyrics

You’re the greatest person that I know And you deserve the world’s attention They don’t make them like you no more But now you’re slipping away, drifting away, life gets colder Let me take it away, all of the weight off your shoulders It’s a hell of a trap, but we can look back when […]

Eminem – Untouchable lyrics

Below are the complete “Untouchable” lyrics by Eminem displayed. We just want a safe environment for our kids, but can’t escape The sirens Don’t take a scientist to see our violent nature lies In The poverty that we face so the crime rate’s the highest in The lowest classes, its like a razor wire fence […]

Kurt Vile – Sad Ghost Lyrics

In the morning I’m not done sleeping In the evening I guess I’m alive That’s alright I can still peel myself up sleepwalking In a ghost town Think I’ll never leave my couch again ‘Cause when I’m out I’m moanin’ in my mind Christ was born; I was there You know me, I’m around I […]

Softies – The Best Days Lyrics

SOFTIESThe Best Days Lyrics I want you to see boats, so you took me to the sea I felt like I could fly in this new sky you showed to me Airplanes passed above us, so only i could hear When you whispered "I love you" so sweetly in my ear These are the best […]

Gravitation – Petit Biscuit feat. Mome lyrics

I’m moving back to your gravitation field. I’m picturing your dreams With millions of particles Just to feel the curve in space time. I’m drifting in and out Your gravitation field Stuck in between Our mutual planets. Lyrics Petit Biscuit – Gravitation I’m picturing your face With millions of colors Just to fill the […]