Evig Natt – Until The End Lyrics

Music: Stein, Lyrics: Kirsten Take me now and I promise forever My obsession, my darkest fear I have suffered enough My dearest, my love I can’t stay here any longer I have lingered long enough Waiting for you My dearest, my love Again and again I’ve pleaded Begged for you to grant my wish A […]

Dumbfoundead – Harambe Lyrics

Where the medicine man stay? [Intro: Thane Maynard] He has got inside, he has climbed through the fence, and has fallen about 3 meters into the enclosure. It’s only 2 o’clock and already a bad day Need two bad bitches delivered to man cave One man’s soul is something you can’t take Call the repo […]

Moneybagg Yo – Cold Shoulder Lyrics

(Huh?) I ain’t talkin’ to no pillow, especially not about my nigga Take a certain type of nigga to relate to what I’m feelin’ I’m just ventin’ to myself, smokin’, starin’ at the ceilin’ (Vibin’) [Chorus] I’m gangsta from the heart (Heart), started from the gutter Robbin’ niggas, stealin’ cars, I’m so glad I played […]

Linoskiii – Take Me With You Lyrics

That deep inside I was screaming ’til my soul left And felt it leave my body in a relatively cold breath And my cousin’s doing good, that’s your daughter After all, she had you to idolize as her father The fam can talk shit and say you were a drunk But regardless of it all, […]

Faith Hill – Come To Jesus Lyrics

Oh, my baby, when you’re older Maybe then you’ll understand You have angels to dance around your shoulders ‘Cause at times in life you need a helping hand Oh, my baby, when you’re prayin’ Leave your burden by my door You have Jesus standing at your bedside To keep you calm, to keep you safe, […]

Adventure Time – Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries Lyrics

Daddy, there were tears there. Daddy, Why did you leave me? My cursed blood is your cursed blood. I bought them, and they were mine. I can count your visits on my fingertips. Well I wish you would show it Because I wouldn’t know it. But you ate them; yeah you ate my fries. Come […]

Classified – Finish It Lyrics

(Finish it) Got a problem with who? (Finish it) Oh no pass the J right here lemme finish it I got goals to get tryna finish it Take the [?] I’m bout to finish this I gottem Put them in they place, they don’t need to ask, they don’t know the outcome Waiting on the […]

MellowHype – Tisk Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, Left Brain, yes maybe God, she, Miyagi the best man [Verse 1] It’s MellowHype by the way, SMH, OMG Tisk tisk tisk La-di-da-di Vlade Divac get it popping, flopping And this-this-this Flip this-this What is this-this-this-this-this-this-this This is legit, characterizing, you categorizing I’m rapping, enticing, baptizing your wives Your daughters need holy water […]

Lil Pump – Crazy Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, Lil Pump Ooh, Big Head on the beat Ooh, ooh Yeah, ooh, yeah, ooh Yeah, ooh, yeah, ooh Yeah, ooh, essketit [Chorus] That bitch she swallow my baby, ooh Bought me a brand new Mercedes, ooh I do this shit on a daily, yeah I do this shit on a daily, ayy Jump […]

Macklemore – Church lyrics

And then, of course, y’all appear, right, y’all appear and situations appear. I have life today. And I realized, that’s kinda all I need. Below are the complete “Church” lyrics by Macklemore displayed. And I realize, that’s God working through me, if I allow myself to be that vessel I rely on that constant communication […]

Busta Rhymes – Montana of 300 lyrics

Lyrics Montana of 300 – Busta Rhymes Notorious My warriors Be glorious Twenty-eight, Twenty two, now stories up So keep my dick up out your mouth don’t be twisting the story up I’m from Chiraq but caught my first body up in Peoria Hit you with no delaying So what you saying ho All my […]

J.r. Writer – Freestyle(reloaded) Lyrics

WRITERFreestyle(reloaded) Lyrics i got what you need, from the water to the smack(smack) record her to a pack ship to florida then back im sorta just a mac see your daughter its a rap ima bag her like i caught her in the act record her in a act while she throwin the top, put […]

Moana – Where You Are lyrics

Moana, it’s time you knew The village of Motunui is All you need The dancers are practising They dance to an ancient song (Who needs a new song? [Chief Tui:] Moana, make way, make way! This old one’s all we need) This tradition is our mission And Moana, there’s so much to do (make way!) […]

LIL WAYNE – Loyalty lyrics

Ok, I’m shining, beaming, glossing Big timing, stunting and flossing Dangerous, approach with caution If I sneeze, you in a coffin Chasing paper, we do that often Two bad bitches, thick like horses Let ’em snort cocaine at a party Leave ’em stiff like rigormortis Don’t try to race, this car got horses The pint […]

Josh Garrels – Centipede Lyrics

My kingdom’s built with the blood of slaves Orphans, widows, and homeless graves I sold their souls just to build my private mansion Some people say that my time is coming Kingdom come is the justice running Down, down, down on me I’m a poor child, I’m a lost son I refuse to give my […]

Montana of 300 – Busta Rhymes

{Intro} Bussa Bus’ One seven Rap God {Verse 1} Notorious My warriors Be glorious Twenty-eight, Twenty two, now stories up So keep my dick up out your mouth don’t be twisting the story up I’m from Chiraq but caught my first body up in Peoria Hit you with no delaying So what you saying ho […]

Tabby – Cranston (White Trash Album)

More like the filling of zits Gifted as shit My lines Keanu’s seen in green tint Achoo (bless you) Why do he care when mucus airborne? So fucked for dollars, caught wallet whacking off to Dare Dorm (okay) I’m in rare form, got holographic skin Don’t care for thirsty bitches taking swigs of fella’s styles […]