G-eazy – Moana Lyrics (feat. Jack Harlow)

Sippin’ on Cîroc got me so gone And her best friend bad too Tell me don’t mess with her like The Zohan Wait a second, hold on Why you still got your clothes on? Ay Oh, you tryna put a show on? (Zaytoven) I don’t wanna hear about no drama The check ain’t right if […]

Nasty C – Everything Lyrics

[Verse 1] In my mind I still revisit that day The day we met at the mall When you smiled at me Something in my stomach would crawl I’m surprised I could talk Especially for that long ‘Cause the truth is we didn’t have nothing in common, at all I had stalked you for days […]

Lil Wayne – Main Things Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama & Lil Wayne] You see? The goal is just to raise the babies right Wayne babies, that is You guys are maturing so much! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah It’s crazy how you look like your dad Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Tunechi, I must say, job well done Yeah And I just told […]

G-Eazy – Pray For Me Lyrics

This industry is hella phony Never gave a fuck and I probably never will Only kept it hella real I ain’t got an ounce of chill Ayy, ayy It’s what it is, that’s how it is and I won’t change You’re not accustomed so it all probably seems so strange, I know The Beautiful & […]

YO GOTTI – 3 Kings lyrics

Santa don’t miss us Don’t miss us… [Outro: Fabolous & DJ Khaled] Yeah Ay I bought my lady the Ghost for Christmas It was too big to put under the tree so We had to put it on a tree outside Facts! We The Best, CMG, the family It’s Roc Nation, King Talk Santa don’t […]

Miley Cyrus – Miss You So Much Lyrics

But how can I miss you so much when you’re right here? [Chorus] When you look up at a rainbow Do you ever wonder what’s really waiting at the end? [Verse 1] They say love can drive ya crazy, my dear I wanna trap you in a locket, or in my pocket So I can […]

Think about that – Jessie J lyrics

You just laughed when I cried Think about that Who lives the real sacrifice? I screamed “Yes”, you told me, “Nah” You fed me fear, I spoke to God I was living my dreams through your eyes Building my life on your lies, yeah. You just laughed when I cried Think about that Versuri-lyrics.info Who […]

Jessie J – Think About That lyrics

Think About That lyrics Mmm, yeah, yeah I carried you slow for way too long I couldn’t let you go, under a spell of don’t, don’t, don’t Ego reaction Guess I was holding up face by saving your ass You spent my money and I lost their faith [Pre-Chorus] I screamed “Yes”, you told me […]

Phora – Forever Lyrics

[Verse 1] Yeah, you said you need some assurance, I wrote this song for you I’ve been stressin’ and I don’t know how to talk to you I’ve been dealin’ with pressure, our picture’s still on the dresser, when it comes down to it, trust me, I’d give it all to you Before you, I […]

Phora – In My Eyez Lyrics

Takin’ care of your moms makes you gangster, not where you from Dog, is you dumb? [Verse 1] He just wanna be recognized by the OGs And spray paint in the alleyway while he smokes weed Middle finger up like, “Fuck the judge and the police” Runnin’ through the streets late nights, so we don’t […]

Kodak Black – Need a Break Lyrics

[Intro] Nah baby dis ain’t no Dear John letter, but I hope you dont take it the wrong way man but I need me a little space a little time to think you know to see what I really want and see what I really want to do and where I wanna be but in […]

Lately – Moneybagg Yo feat. Yo Gotti lyrics

Just had a fallout with my nigga so it’s been f*ck him lately Tryna make everybody happy, s**t gonna rub me crazy I’m still prepared for the worst, keep a strap on me daily It’s just me against the world, how a nigga been feeling lately Latelyyy, I ain’t been lettin’ nothin’ faze me Latelyyy, […]

Meek Mill – Young Black America Lyrics (feat. The-dream)

The-dream) Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Yeah, I was on that corner, tryna get my coins up Coppers run up on us and we turn to Jackie Joyner White man kill a black man, they never report us Black man kill a […]