Sahbabii – Tongue Demon Lyrics

She’s a tongue demon Pill on her tongue, dick on her tongue, ooh, ooh, yeah Hypnotized by your body, like the way you move, yeah Her skin smooth, her body smooth like chocolate mousse, yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah I’m in her throat like a Popeyes biscuit Naked bitch, I can suck on them titties Glock […]

Joyner Lucas Feat. Meek Mill – “Run It” Lyrics

Joyner Lucas & Locksmith – Tec In The Church [New Music] I never been c*cky, but they don’t want a problem with me And f*ck all these haters that wanna take a dollar from me n*gg* f*ck any rapper yo I don’t need a counter with me Ain’t nobody wasn’t lookin’ for me, they was […]