Little Big – Hypnodancer Lyrics

Hey!) Hypnodancer (Hey! Hey!) Hypnodancer (Hey! Hey!) Go hypnodancer [Bridge: Ilich & Sonya] Dancer Go hypnodancer Go hypnodancer Go hypnodancer Dancer Go hypnodancer Go hypnodancer Go hypnodancer Dancer (Dancer) Go hypnodancer (Dancer) Go hypnodancer (Dancer) Go hypnodancer Dancer (Dancer) Go hypnodancer (Dancer) Go hypnodancer (Dancer) Go hypnodancer [Hook: Ilich & Mr. Hey!) Hypnodancer (Hey! Hey!) […]

Sen Morimoto – Cannonball Lyrics

(Again) I don’t like you I don’t like people And I don’t like to pretend (Again) I don’t much like people And I don’t like to pretend. (Cannonball!) [Verse 3] Figment of imagination is not a fig, it’s a magic trick Flash a light into my eyes and say I squint Segments of my life […]

Dance Gavin Dance – Nothing Shameful Lyrics

I am just a stone sinking, broken and numb Where to now? Can you feel me Tearing apart everything we used to be? What happened to my f*cking purpose? [Verse 3: Jon Mess] Don’t forget to clap for plants A napkin allergy, a skin graft treatment Tried out comedy, got ants in my pants Rolled […]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Marijuana Will Be Legal in Canada

Late Tuesday night the House passed an omnibus motion to adjourn early. It was previously expected that the date of implementation would be sometime in September, as the government was estimating it would take between eight and 12 weeks to allow for the provinces, territories, municipalities, police forces, and other stakeholders to make sure their […]

Jan Lucanus – The Karmic Dance

This karma’s a bitch, I want to exist with no consequence (with no consequence) Throughout my whole life people would talk shit to me Tell me who I am and tell me who I ought to be I’m coming up now and they don’t mean shit to me Accept for the fire they fuel deep […]

Haywire – Dance Desire

Drop the needle! Saw something inside of you I wanted to get through to you The only thing I knew Tall dark danger That l___ for sin Honey, you’re what I’ve been lookin’ for Baby crawl right in Oooh, wash over me baby It’s much more than a dream Feelin’ warm feelin’ crazy Do it […]

Dancehall Artists Reacts To Ninjaman Murder Conviction

He was my first DJ Jah know star? “This is a very sad time for me right now I’ve know Ninja Man to be someone you can talk with in any situation, one that is always quick to resolve problems, especially the ones that often times develop amongst artist in the music industry,” D’Angel wrote […]

Ninja Man Reacts To Murder Conviction Dancehall Icon To Appeal

“Don’t f*** with me Jamaica, I’ll be back!” the deejay added. Another man managed to escape the gunfire and has now returned to testify in the murder case. His attorney, Valerie Neita Robertosn, did not comment on the case. He was placed in the witness protection program for his safety. “The Gorgon (Ninjaman) ago appeal […]

Alkaline Stops Skin Bleaching and Dancehall Fans Cosign

Here is a photo of Alkaline taken last month. We now learn that his skin bleaching was not permanent since the below video shows that he is getting back black. You can say “black alkaline, tattoo alkaline, bleach alkaline” it all happened in the same week.” Alkaline started bleaching around 2014 when his career just […]

Dancehall Artist Unicorn Shot and Killed In Kingston

Details about the killing are still sketchy, but police sources confirmed with Dancehall HipHop that the 43-year-old deejay, real name Donovan McMurray, was shot and killed by a few armed men on Bowens Road in Kingston 13, Sunday afternoon. Police officers responded to a call that reported someone was shot and found his lifeless body […]

Spice Is The Queen of Dancehall Says Fans

“Some fans a bash Beenie Man but him right with what he said because Spice has a lot more work today to reach even close to the levels of Lady Saw,” one fan wrote. “Spice is the only consistent female artist in dancehall right now because most of them just do something make a lot […]

Is Tommy Lee Sparta Making Mumble Dancehall Music

Tweet Share Tommy Lee Sparta is being accused of making mumble dancehall music? While mumble rap became a thing in hip hop in recent years, mumble dancehall is not a thing, at least not yet. Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee debut their new video for their first collaboration “Cross Over” on WorldStarHipHop yesterday and fans […]

Devin Di Dakta and Ikaya Teams Up For Anti-Smoking Dancehall Anthem

Entertainers have a powerful grasp on the youth and can influence them. The Dakta and Ikaya joined forces to record a anti-smoking single “Future Come First” featured on the Talk Di Truth Riddim, produced by NotNice. The 2013 Jamaica Secondary School Survey found that 43 percent of students admitted that marijuana was too easily accessible. […]

Munga Positive He Can Beat Murder Charge

Smith is the same man that attacked and chopped the artist several times back in 2015. Earlier this month, Ninja Man was arrested pending a long awaited trial for a 2009 murder case. “How my children and parents might have felt … because that (family and the love of his mother and grandmother) is the […]

Beenie Man Says Spice Is Not The New Queen Of Dancehall

Earlier this tear, Spice crowned herself the new reigning queen of Jamaica’s dominant music genre, dancehall, a title previously held by Lady Saw who is now a gospel artist and a pastor. Because Lady Saw did it and she reached that point.” Beenie Man added that Spice is more like the queen-elect, but still has […]