Jon Hope – ChamPain Lyrics

Chorus Thou shalt be trill nigga Motherf*cka and real sisters Same ones I came with We got a 1000 words and take real pictures Got styrofoam of my mama’s tears Pour it up that’s ChamPAIN Real niggas & real bitches they all apart of my campaign Verse 1 Just opened up my big mouth this […]

Keylan Bankston – Fucked Up Lyrics

I got some ‘dawgs thats out here f*cked up That can’t seem to get on their   feet   and its f*cked   up You give someone a place to   sleep and then they f*ck it up and act like   you   ain’t   help them eat,   ain’t that f*cked   up […]

Goodie Mob – The Dip Lyrics

hook You know how good it can be, if I took you home with me I know the mood is right, I don’t wanna be alone tonight Come on lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty (T-Mo) Can I get a chance, grown man from afar superstar […]

In Strict Confidence – No Refuge In The Night Lyrics

How could you escape from here? Where have you gone? How could you just disappear? How could you escape from here? There is no chance for you my lovely There is no refuge in the night They will find you, and they will take you Back to stay here at my side I would give […]

Black Eyed Peas & Maluma – Feel The Beat Lyrics

[Chorus: & J. Rey Soul] Can you feel the beat within my heart? Rey Soul] Can   you feel the beat? I can feel the beat [Verse 1: Maluma] Cuando vivo en el ambiente No le mete’ mucha mente Pásalo con aguardiente Y pa’ que vea lo bueno que se siente y [Refrain: Maluma] […]

Chloe X Halle – Don’t Make It Harder On Me Lyrics

[Intro] Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh [Verse 1] I need you to stop lookin’ at me like that We are just friends now You already had your chance So I need you to stop sayin’ the things you say I don’t wanna regret, no The reason I didn’t stay [Pre-Chorus] If you keep actin’ so […]

Quando Rondo – Depression Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bruh, you too slime Youngin’ big blue, but deep inside, he   like   a red rose [?]   on the beat Bank account on overload,   but I’m still broke in spirit “Depression what he suffer from,”   same   words   from Doctor […]

Ghost Inside – One Choice Lyrics

The future in front of me isn’t paved with gold In search of stability, down an   unknown   road They say you’re   going nowhere if you’re not ready   to go There’s nothing left for me here so now I   go   it   alone It’s all in   my head singing […]

August Alsina – Lessons Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] Had to learn a little bit, grow a little bit Realize on the way up That I   was   taught so many   lessons Yeah, yeah, I learned so many   lessons, yes I’m living proof that if you don’t go through shit When you come up fast Everything that […]

Blackpink – How You Like That Lyrics

You gon’ like that that that that that That that that that How you like that? (Barabim barabum bumbum) How you like that that that that that That that that that Now look at you now look at me Look at you now look at me Look at you now look at me How you […]

Shania Twain – Crime Of The Century Lyrics

I was into bein’ out on my own I could take love or leave it alone That’s how you get when you’re hurt to the bone One too many times I had this heart of mine locked away I kept my guard up night an’ day I had enough of the games they play Out […]

Lianne La Havas – Weird Fishes Lyrics

Why should I stay? In the deepest ocean The bottom of the sea Your eyes They turn me Why should I stay here? I’d be crazy not to follow Follow where you lead Your eyes They turn me Turn me on to phantom I follow to the edge of the Earth And I fall off […]

Coolzey – Do Lyrics (feat. Headnodic)

And it goes (Chorus) Here I am once again bringin’ the candy to your ear drums Another rhyme I wrote while I was waitin’ for the beer to come Chocolate and flowers ‘cus I love to you smile C double O-L, old to the new style 3 or 4 Stellas then I hit the vaporizer […]

E-40 – Give Me 6 Lyrics

Rick Rock beats Nigga give me six (Six, six, six) Nigga give me six (Six, six, six) Nigga give me six (Six, six, six) Give me six feet and an ounce of space Give me six feet and an ounce of space (Nigga give me six) Give me six feet and an ounce of space […]

Scarlet White – Fire Lyrics

[Verse 1] Hangin’ on the words That we breathe, and we bleed Did you know? We’re on the edge of disbelief Have you ever seen A saint fall to his knees [Chorus] You Let yourself fall You better run If you want some chance at all Cause the air will burn In the end you’ll […]

Run The Jewels – Goonies Vs. E.t. Lyrics

Far from the fact of the flames of our trash? That is not snow, it is ash, and you gotta know The past got a wrath, it’s a lover gone mad But I promise [Chorus] Baby, if I had another chance, I would give another chance to you ooh If I make another wish, I […]

Jack Hardy – The Tinker’s Coin Lyrics

Come all ye lads and lasses near A story I will tell to you About a cold damp night like this When shelter I was seeking A traveler passing through The barkeep said to guard my coin To stay away from this tinker But that just brought me near to him For naught had I […]