Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Fuck bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch (Ah) I’m sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how   to   live (Fuck y’all) Wack   hoes hate under my pictures on   the ‘Gram (Ugh) Bitch, you better hope I never run across   your   man,   uh In the […]

Willie V. – We Could Be Lyrics

Hook: Cause I, wanna see all that we could be Yeah I, wanna see all that we could be Cause I, wanna see all that we could be Yeah I, wanna see all that we could be Verse: It was Lack of confidence coming from lack of prominence A lot of weed smoke heroes in […]

Nico Santos – Die In Your Arms Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been sittin’ here In this dried out pool again Where we used to swim Before you moved away Always heard our songs That they used to play for us At our favourite club It’s a bookstore today [Pre-Chorus] And now that you made it Back here, let’s make up lost times All […]

Example – All U Need Lyrics (feat. Karen Harding)

Hours and hours of wow in my tower [?] Show me your powers Only stop for a shower Only throw in the towel if you want to babe Your body made me write a new song today You don’t have to treat me like I’m princess Jasmine Fly me round the world or buy me […]

Lil Durk – Viral Moment Lyrics

The voice Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah) Some of the guys don’t even know what the fuck a Richard Mille is Know what I’m sayin’? Play this song [Intro] TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it [Verse 1] I pour an eight inside the Lamb’ truck, fell asleep flyin’ I   thought   […]

R. Kelly – I Admit Lyrics

Show me the way (oh) The only thing I have left is my voice, and now I have to use it for my protection (my voice, yeah) ‘Cause they left me no choice (no choice) See my work has nothing to do with my private life So stay the fuck out of my business and […]

Dave East – On God Lyrics

I ain’t got to pull it out, I throw this shit right through my hoodie I be on the stage with the fully I got grams all in my pocket Getting jail calls from bully 30 side trapping, I’ll never forget bush Cocaine on my side forever gone get cooked Promoter with the Yolla forever […]

Amanda Black – Round & Round Lyrics ft Joey B

Amanda Black – Round & Round Lyrics ft Joey B Ambitiouz Entertainment singer Amanda Black teams up with Ghanaian Hip Life heavyweight Joey B to create this amazing tune Round & Round! type in the search box READ  Free Beat: Amanda Black – Kahle Instrumental Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Round […]

Red Velvet – Rebirth Lyrics English Version

Oh, it’s surprising, my heart for you Oh, it feels new, I’ve never been like this before If it’ll happen everyday I can live happily in this rough world Looking good guy on the subway Now, I don’t look at them After few stops, I’ll meet you My reflection in the window it’s smiling READ  […]

Ace Hood – We Came Wit The Posse Lyrics

READ  Nasty C – Switched Up Lyrics Lyrics will be available soon, help us write or submit the song lyrics below on Submit Lyrics here(required) DOWNLOAD   We Came Wit The Posse Lyrics by Ace Hood Search more about his latest inside the box Looking for more update about this? type in the search […]

Luka Bloom – Nothing New Under The Sun Lyrics

There’s nothing new under the sun There’s nothing new under the sun Bees making honey Swallows moving on. As I sing this song I get a feeling something isn’t right Someone is interfering with the cycle of life They’ve taken the days and turned them into night They alter the climate and say it’s their […]

Rick Ross – She on My Dick (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Bruno Mali] Maybach Music Slide, hoe, watch this I’m drippin’ dressin’ on these hoes, nigga Get your bitch, nigga She gettin’ real friendly, nigga Talk to these niggas [Verse 1: Meek Mill] Richest nigga in the city so she on my dick Shawty know she fuck me good and like she caught a lick […]

Forever – Ollie lyrics

Now I’m twenty-one, when I look around I see everything from a new view I’ve done made mistakes, I’ve done messed it all up But I’ma keep on pushing till I see this through ‘Cause I got, I got a whole life to learn Yeah, and that’s what I’ma do Yeah, I got, I got […]

Fat Joe – So Excited Lyrics ft Dre

The New York rapper’s flow remains sharp, and Dre does his best Drake impression on the track’s pre-chorus. Miguel Stay tuned for more from the Don.   Lyrics will be available soon, help us write or submit the song below Submit Lyrics here(required)   DOWNLOAD   Fat Joe – So Excited Lyrics ft Dre Share […]

Bisa Kdei – Sister Girl Lyrics

Bisa Kdei – Sister Girl Lyrics BLM frontline artist and multiple award winning highlife singer Bisa Kdei finally drops his much anticipated single dubbed Sister Girl. READ  Jay Z – Blue’s Freestyle / We Family Lyrics ft. Blue Ivy Carter Give the self-produced   love inspired tune a listen below:   Lyrics will be available […]

Chamberlain – Lonesome Song Lyrics

There’s a book I been meaning to write, about how my words are the proof that I’m alive, but it would take me ten lifetimes. You said I was sunlight at midnight… a poet with the sea on my lips. It’s been a lonesome song of a day. And now the sun slides on the […]

Nightwish – Elan Lyrics

NIGHTWISHElan Lyrics Leave the sleep and let the springtime talk In tongues from the time before man Listen to a daffodil tell her tale Let the guest in, walk out, be the first to greet the morn The meadows of heaven await harvest The cliffs unjumped, cold waters untouched The elsewhere creatures yet unseen Finally […]