Moneybagg Yo – Yomii Lyrics

(‘Gether) I guarantee you now, we gon’ face all kinda weather (Rise above it) Far from perfect, but I’m workin’ to get better I just wanna see you shine like a Rolex bezel (Wanna see you glow) I sip lean to hide issues (Hide issues) Designer kicks, wipe me down, tissues (All kind of issues) […]

Nico Santos – Die In Your Arms Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been sittin’ here In this dried out pool again Where we used to swim Before you moved away Always heard our songs That they used to play for us At our favourite club It’s a bookstore today [Pre-Chorus] And now that you made it Back here, let’s make up lost times All […]

Stephen Marley – Thorn Or A Rose Lyrics (ft. Black Thought)

We come from so far and life is full of surprises Just know I’ll never change, no, I’ll never change No matter the circumstances, though this road can be demanding I’ll always be the same, always be the same Never lose sight of who you are, temptation comes from near and far Wounds heal but […]

Youngblood Brass Band – A Gust Inside The God Lyrics

Whoa A death: one on my bed for breakfast My best hope: make it hot and forget this Make good on a promise to rep this Make fire by sparking a set list Have a ball, set a light, throw it up, don’t look, do work Just keep walking Cause it’s all just a night […]

Yung Pinch – Long Day Lyrics

[Intro] Beach Boy in this ho Some things never change, some people never let go I knew what   it   was from the   get-go I’ve been gettin’ to the money,   it’s been a long day Yeah, it’s been a long, long   day (Yeah,   it’s   been a long,   long […]

Example – All U Need Lyrics (feat. Karen Harding)

Hours and hours of wow in my tower [?] Show me your powers Only stop for a shower Only throw in the towel if you want to babe Your body made me write a new song today You don’t have to treat me like I’m princess Jasmine Fly me round the world or buy me […]

Rhys Lewis – I Know The Feeling Lyrics

[Intro] I know the feeling I know the feeling, oh I [Verse 1] Well you’re tired of waking up alone So you keep the curtains closed You don’t wanna face the world outside And you wonder where all your money went You’ve gotta pay your rent I guess you’ll be working every night [Pre-Chorus] It’s […]

Slowly Slowly – Creature Of Habit Lyrics

I think we need to figure out who’s coming to your birthday – 2 thousand online’s a pretty bad strike rate Making up words with my brother in the back seat Stained glass pine trees I think that’s where you’ll find me Now I gotta think about my wrists when I ollie And now I […]

Slaves – Starving For Friends Lyrics

I’m too tired now to save my problems for another day ‘Cause I’ve spent my whole life between fear and faith I don’t know if I’ve been screaming in the dark or dreaming It’s plain and simple, I don’t know what I was thinking I miss my friends, the ones I would die for [Outro: […]

Owen Pallett – The Chronicles Of Sarnia Lyrics

I had to hide myself in a book To keep your love away The pages worn with all of my faults The cover torn away I gave my life to the Water God For an apprenticeship Answering his mail and his door For nyads, hyppogryphs, after… Midwinter Banquet, he shook his head “Sadly, no I […]

Burn – Cleanse Lyrics

Will I turn to dust before I learn this lesson? What you know now you will soon forget. Call me a fool for still waiting hoping with the patient saints. I’ve tried my whole life my stubborn mind overthinks Cannibalize these wrong thoughts or i’ll use them as a resource Cleanse my mind cleanse my […]

Lil’ Durk – Viral Moment Lyrics

(Yeah) Some of the guys don’t even know what the f*ck a Richard Mille is Know what I’m sayin’? Relate to the trenches (Yeah, yeah) You know what I’m sayin’, I can’t be talkin’ ’bout a Richard Mille all the time (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Know what I’m sayin’? You gotta relate, all angles, know what […]

Edgar Allan Poe – The Premature Burial Lyrics

A student, however, was especially desirous of testing a theory of his own, and insisted upon applying the battery to one of the pectoral muscles. A torpid uneasiness. The silver cord was not for ever loosed, nor the golden bowl irreparably broken. Just as the day dawns to the friendless and houseless beggar who roams […]

Lil Durk – Viral Moment Lyrics

The voice Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah) Some of the guys don’t even know what the fuck a Richard Mille is Know what I’m sayin’? Play this song [Intro] TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it [Verse 1] I pour an eight inside the Lamb’ truck, fell asleep flyin’ I   thought   […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Wailing Wall Lyrics

For everything you gain there’s a cost And I found infinite abundance when I tap in the source I ain’t done looking back from I came from Book I can’t stop reading, I let the page run So as you listen to this now pat on yourself on the back Cause you made it this […]

R. Kelly – I Admit Lyrics

Show me the way (oh) The only thing I have left is my voice, and now I have to use it for my protection (my voice, yeah) ‘Cause they left me no choice (no choice) See my work has nothing to do with my private life So stay the fuck out of my business and […]

Khalid & Normani – Love Lies (Rick Ross Remix) Lyrics

It’s not easy for someone to catch my eye But I’ve been waitin’ for you for my whole damn life For my whole lifetime [Chorus: Khalid & Normani] So baby, tell me where your love lies Waste the day and spend the night Underneath the sunrise Show me where your love lies [Verse 2: Normani] […]

Vybz Kartel – “X All Of Your Exes” Lyrics

(Intro) All your exes Can hit da highway from an exit Yeah de got da message by now Brand new boyfriend right now (Chorus) All of your ex exed out You don’t have to explain Your life is excellent Come on baby Let’s go party I’ma bring da Bentley around Best ride a u life […]