Hexvessel – Billion Year Old Being Lyrics

You can find my signs in this paradise Where myriad the mornings shined That I have hardly   dreamed   of Through a hallucinary   spell of time A place where hunter   gatherers Gathered in their grave-house My name was spoken on the wind That blew away the sun Billion year old being! Rise […]

Bino Rideaux – Brand New Lyrics

If they gon make it, I’m on trial count some mo’ up You can bet you we gon come get it, if you owe us After I, run up that bag imma change Fucc this rap shit, cause I get bags other ways If you call me then imma smash on the way Bust it […]

Xavier Wulf – Chaos Castle Lyrics

[Verse 1: Eddy Baker] Light up a wood then I get in my zone (oof) Countin’ them racks got that shit on my own (cash) Think you want war but this ain’t what you want (bitch) SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ been at the throne (alright) You see the shows they all outta control (yeah) Told the security leave […]

Trivium – The Wretchedness Inside lyrics

The wretchedness inside of you (In hell, can I confide?) The wretchedness inside of me How did it come to this? How the fuck did it come to this? Our love and hate collide in all this dissonance This blood I bleed, I bleed for you I paint the walls with my misery This blood […]

Lil Wayne – Back from the 80’s Lyrics

I keep the blamma in the drawer with the pajamas I keep the ammo in the bananas I keep the standards high as the Canyon I treat the Grammy’s like some medallions I treat the randoms like some companions I treat the weed like some azelias I got more value than I got failure I […]

When the drugs don t work – Doobie lyrics

What am I gonna do when The Drugs Don t Work Girl you a fool if you think love don’t hurt You ain’t heard? I’m on that Caine like I’m getting old I been had that crack, hear in in my bones Cocaine Cowboy, Indiana Jones I had to get me a sack like it’s […]

The line – Foo Fighters lyrics

What is truth But a dirty black cloud coming out of the blue? Somewhere? Yes or no? Are you there? Are you there? The tears in your eyes Someday will dry We fight for our lives ‘Cause everything’s on the line This time. The tears in your eyes Someday will dry We fight for our […]

Set To Stun – Walk Tall Lyrics

Cause this f**king rooms become my hell and these god damn walls keep calling me out So I’ll tear em down till nothing’s left And I’ll keep on singing till I’m out of breath Because even if I didn’t have a microphone Well I’d still be screaming all on my own And I’ll keep screaming […]

Kesha – Who Do You Love Lyrics

She is foxy, but I see you drooling All over yourself, watching your little siren In the shadows, like an evil lion [Pre-Chorus] I look at her, I want her too To disappear (go away) Into the air (go away) I want to claw her, I want to bite her I want to tear her […]

David Fonseca – Come Into My Heart Lyrics

DAVID FONSECACome Into My Heart Lyrics I’ll lit the fire, lit the fire tonight I see your body by the trembling light, I see light, I see Let’s get our dirty clothes out of the way I see a hallo but I can’t see the face through the haze, through the You spit/This spark/That lights/this […]

Ocean – Isla Del Sol Lyrics

What I’ve been searching for doesn’t exist: Tonight we step out of the past and grow, grow to the sun. My heart is hollow. Show me someone to follow. Crawled our way back at rugged dirt roads to find we’re not alone and never wanna go back home: We’ll never go back home. All I […]