Zoey Dollaz – Bad Tings Richmix Lyrics ft. Tory Lanez, Future

Pull out pieces, lookin’ like I’m whippin’ dope (whippin’ dope) You can tell them fuck niggas, I’m with this smoke (With this smoke) Shawty, came around, she on a new pretty (new pretty) Feel like 60 thousand, on some new titties (skrr, skrr, switch it up) [Chorus: Future] All boss bitches, for my boss team […]

Bad Tings Remix

Lyrics to ‘Bad Tings Remix’ by Zoey Dollaz: –Intro– (Drink or smoke) (Drink or smoke) Yeah yeee yeah Do you drink or smoke Do you like to party Do you get real high (do you do you) Can I touch your body oh What’s your name (your name) Can you handle window and stop switching […]