Tamaryn – Angels Of Sweat Lyrics

Torture my mind And you still make me cry La la la la [Verse 2] Breaking up again No one thinks to mind Bet you I could slay But i’ll get denied We’re sinking into the moon tonight It’s some kind of sign You’re letting me go Two drops in the feelings that rise Illuminate! […]

Tellaman – Silence Lyrics (feat. Crownedyung)

Came to build off the shit that they flung Held your weave when you threw up all drunk Kept it G with the silver-est time, better recognise These are the legends of telling time As long as they say that there is mine Set up a trap then we fell inside Now it seems you […]

Future Fights Back Baby Mama Eliza Reign’s Defamation Lawsuit

In the wake of the verdict, Eliza Reign stated her intention to seek monthly child support of $53,000, but she now has another case aimed at her baby daddy. Future now wants the matter to be dismissed on the basis that Seraphin’s name was never mentioned in the song, and therefore, he “failed to violate […]

Mamamoo – Baton Touch Lyrics

Let’s do it 월화수목금토일 기분좋게 들썩이지 신나게 놀자 Dance With Me 마마 마마 무 월화수목금토일 기분좋게 들썩이지 신나게 놀자 Dance With Me 마마 마마 무 도레미파 Solar 찌릿찌릿한 멜로디 이 음악에 빠져드는 You This is true 기대하는 그대 눈빛 황홀하게 보여줄게 Look at me now [English translation:] Listen carefully since from today A little special […]

Mamamoo – I Do Me Lyrics

I’m just enjoying as it is Don’t don’t bother me, I’m not afraid, this stronger me I don’t care, it’s my heart I’m gonna work hard and get money then go to nail-salon Rabbit rabbit I’m just like that froggy Seven-year-old boy who won’t listen Peekaboo peekaboo, everyone gets surprised Everyone shakes their head at […]

Hyperaptive – Mine For The Taking Lyrics (feat. DDark)

So stand by for demolition I’m about to flatten any rapper here that’s ever-risen I’ve been telling them from day dot but they never-listen Look up the word insane I’m the definition Ain’t another rapper this crazed Beats rhymes videos all on my jays Independent with several million plays And the surface has only been […]

Samantha Fish – Nearing Home Lyrics

So tell me where I’m going ‘Cause I thought I was nearing home Take back all that’s given And leave me off where I belong Belong to the Lord, I wonder But I can’t help to wonder where He’s gone I’m waiting for a rain, a thunder But under every sun it’s going down Lead […]

Ninjaman Transfer From GP Over Beef With Vybz Kartel

Sources told Dancehall HipHop that Ninjaman got upset because Vybz Kartel and other inmates were allowed to have certain electronics like flat screen TV and DVD players. “I think he was denied a request to get a flat screen TV and a DVD player in his quarters and that didn’t sit well with him. Related […]

Rapsody Details How Kendrick Lamar Changed Her Life

Now she is nominated for a Grammy awards for Best Rap Album for her latest project Laila’s Wisdom. “It feels good to compete with your friends, you can compete but in a healthy way,” she said. K-Dot is also nominated in the Best Rap Album category for his album DAMN. The female rapper had a […]

Ninjaman Working With Troubled Inmates In Prison

He may never be a free man again, but a lot of these young guys will one be released back in society.” Ninjaman, born Desmond Ballentine, is still weighing his options about appealing his conviction, but judging from the case, the odds are stacked against him. “That’s the type of person that he is and […]

Dancehall Artists Praise Ninjaman At GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza

Dancehall artists including Beenie Man, Professor Nuts, Shenseea, D’Angel, and more were in fine form at Monday’s GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza. Related Posts How Ninjaman Conviction Could Shatter Vybz Kartel Appeal Ninjaman Reacts To Life Sentence “It’s Not The End” Dancehall Reacts To Ninjaman Life Sentence Ninjaman Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Conviction […]

N.E.R.D – Kites (feat. Kendrick Lamar & M.I.A.)

Woo! If you want to bring the day up [Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell] Kites on my radar, life in my palms We unite through the chaos (only for the purist) Tell them to obey ours My cerebellum threw a rebellion from AR’s (room for the boom stick) The day I have a J.R., […]