AWLI Lyrics and Video Song – NAEZY

Chala tu bhed chaal Zyada kuch nahin pata tujhe Main gayab dedh saal Thoda bahut hi pata mujhe Badaya kon tujhko Mic mujhko wapas dede Paraya dhong kar ke Faayda nahin hai na bete Ab baat karun main Yahan se chabbis saal pehle Hua tha janam jiska Riot wale mahaul mein Kiya jo fard ne […]

Miasmal – A Veiled Remembrance Lyrics

Supernova, follow me To the edge of time, to the end of the world Open up the passage to the depths Watch the aeons fade Tales of creation, of destruction Tales of unspeakable loss Forever mending the broken parts Of what once was The laments of grief, bound to resound Into the eternities Free fall […]

Becko – Unbreakable Lyrics

And the world around me Is completely gone, I’m just writing music Alone, with this stain that grows But I know I just f*cking hold on [Hook] How can i become unbreakable Unshakeable when everything is gone? [Verse 1] Defeat me! Trying to face my Sickness, I’m washing away my Feelings, survived all this shit […]

Yxng Bane – Table For Two Lyrics

We’ve been friendly, now   I’m   ready She said, “Slowly” Can   I do a little more than   last time, baby? [Chorus] Table for two Girl, tonight it’s just me and you We can both turn our phones off too You tell me anything you want, ooh, ooh Table for two Girl, tonight […]

Nasty C – They Don’t Lyrics (feat. T.i.)

You never will, word to George Floyd, Emmett Till, and Sean Bell Guess they’d rather see us all in civil unrest Than to go and make some f*ckin’ arrests, f*ck is that? [Chorus: Nasty C] They don’t want me to win, they don’t want me to eat They don’t want to   see   a […]

Young Multi – Diamenty Lyrics (feat. Bedoes)

[Intro: Young Multi] CashMoneyAP Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah LeeBoy on the track Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah To jest nowa fala To jest nowa fala Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Refren: Young Multi] Na szyi ja nie chcę już złota, wolę te diamenty mieć Oni chcą ciągle złapać mnie w tą sieć W sejfie na klucz zamknąć […]

Outlawz – Karma Lyrics (feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Intro: Young Noble] Yeah, Five Thirteen, it’s a movie, muthaf*cka Yeah, Outlawz, Snoop Dogg, real gangsta shit Yeah, let’s go [Verse 1: Young Noble] What do we have here now? I done played around, got fronted on Hit the ground but now I’m back up But there comes a time in the middle of the […]

Agust D – Moonlight Lyrics

[Romanized:] Yeah, yeah Okay, okay, okay, okay Yeah 3nyeoni jinanne Agust D Soljiki, myeot gok neoeulji jal moreugesseo gyang Ssi, gyang haneun geoji mwo Sijageun chorahaetji daegu geurae namsandong jiha Eseo ijeneun penteuhauseu hannam deohil Ha Ajikdo kkumeseo kkaeji mothaneun piteopaen Nae meoritsok hyeonsireun isanggwa ssawo jigyeopge Nae gajang keun jeogeun sok anui hwa Geuboda […]

Outline In Color – Not Enough Lyrics

[Intro] I have chased this flame And been burned a thousand times (Left with smoke in my lungs) And I can’t change my ways No matter how I try I’m not enough [Verse 1] Between my heart and my head There lies a great divide In which my future’s dead But now my past won’t […]

Z-ro – It’s A Shame Lyrics

Gotta make sure these words are understandable Cause it’s a motherf*cking shame, all these short Comings in the game, hoe ass niggas, hoe ass bitches Know I’m saying [Z-Ro] I’m still King of the Ghetto, ain’t a damn thang changed Still sip out the prescription bottle, with hydro on my brain It help a nigga […]

Nicki Minaj – Boo’d Up Remix lyrics

[Intro: Nicki Minaj] Ayo, this the remix Ella Mai, Quavocito, Chun-Li Rrrrrr, haha [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj] Ayo, lemme tell you why you so special Hood nigga bang the .45 special Fuckin’ wit’ him but we never tell the press, though Dick game on, alakazam, presto Still a Playboy bunny on Hef, though So we […]

AKA – Star-Sign Lyrics

(Mhen) We at the top, we at the pinnacle [Verse 3: Stogie T] Supa Mega had to promise me Don’t forget about your honesty You gon alway run like an allergy When a nigga ego match his [?] Me and D share a legacy Of bad grammar and a booking fee Both grandmas were bad […]

Zedd – Stay (Yasutaka Nakata Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1] Waiting for the time to pass you by Hope the winds of change will change your mind I could give a thousand reasons why And I know you, and you’ve got to [Pre-Chorus 1] Make it on your own, but we don’t have to grow up We can stay forever young Living on […]

G-EAZY – Crash And Burn lyrics

28, you made it out of 27 safe” [Chorus: Kehlani & (G-Eazy)] Live each day like it’s your last (like it’s your last) ‘Cuz you never feel the moment till it’s passed (you never know it till it’s gone, yeah) Oh-oh Time just keeps on ticking fast (you know?) Know, there’s danger in the lesson […]

Active – Sneakbo featuring Giggs lyrics

I do my ting, I get it in My name hold weight, I ain’t in the gym I get it cracking, pull up on you with the ting I back it out, no chattin’, let it ring, ring, ring, ring, ring like Run up on a nigga like Whistle got the corn going ( […]

King of the Dot – Ness Lee vs Pass Lyrics

If you was ghost-producing, ghostwriting, giving other niggas your illest quotes Just to get dropped and get no credit, I guess he still a ghost But you still be like “Yeah I was on Interscope, it wasn’t no big deal” Yo quit trying to be a humble bragger You don’t even get enough credit for […]

Chris Brown – Privacy (Remix) Lyrics

No never mind REMIX) [Chorus: Chris Brown] Ay you, gal, with all the tight up skirt Get that ass in the bed, I’ma lock the door Shake that ass like boom shakalacka, boom shakalacka (boom, boom) We don’t need nobody watching us (yikes!) No eyes but your eyes Ain’t nobody here but you and me […]

Beef – Tee Grizzley feat. Meek Mill lyrics

I don’t sleep on no beef We ain’t sleeping on these niggas You know I’m on top of everything, nigga (Lurking) I come on your street We’re just creeping on these niggas (Yeah) f*ck talking, let that metal bang, nigga Murk ’em I don’t squash no beef We ain’t doing no flex I was […]