Smug Mang – A To Z Lyrics

This is Smug Mang, the Smug God And this is Smug God mixtape with DJ Smokey And I know y’all been waitin’ a minute on this one But it was well worth the wait 2014, that’s the year of the Smug homie Smuuug Music [Verse 1] Smug Mang, Smug God Pounds of killer, scrip your […]

Alexis Venegas – Ay Amor Lyrics

Una tarde de luz en primavera Que me lleve a tu nombre y a tus fronteras Una estrella fugas, una vereda Una mano fragante, un beso Tu megilla, tu voz, tu pelo Una noche secreta en tu refugio Donde todo lo mio sfuera tuyo Un rincón para darte lo de siempre Una mano secreta, noche […]

Weiland – Slilppnyhik6febe.onion Lyrics

[Part 1] [Intro] I got my mind right I got my money right I got my mind right Yeah, I can’t   sleep   at night Got my   cup right Samson Agh (Hahahahaha, Clibbo, you’re crazy   for this one) [Chorus] She love molly, she can’t help it Hella money, I’m so selfish Dodgin’ […]

Erik Lundin – En Dag Lyrics

Hur många kvinnoliv innan kvinnor finner frid? Hur många hedersmord innan Sverige finner tid? Aa det kommer drabba fler, för grabbarna tar hellre trappan upp än att trappa ner Så våra mammor ber, och nästan inga mammor ler, tänker bara en dag, en dag Tabanjan den är fet som en blåval, shunon mitt emot han […]

Benny Jamz – Spark Lyrics

[Intro] Den her juu spark’ ligesom Fifa Den spark’ ligesom NFL Det’ en helt anden liga End hva’ du normalt vil hent’ Den her spark’ ligesom Fifa Den spark’ ligesom NFL (Dub!) Man er ramt på amnesia Den får mand til at glem’ [Omkvæd] (Woh-øij) Bror, du var der, selv— —dengang man ikk’ havde para […]

Dizzee Rascal – Leisure Lyrics

[Intro] But I do it at my leisure [Chorus] I do it at my leisure, I make it look easy I do it at my leisure, you breddas can’t see me I do it at my leisure, I couldn’t give a toss man I do it at my leisure, cause I’m my own boss man […]

White 2115 – Wampir Lyrics

[Zwrotka 1] Wyjebane mam teraz Miałem pokój, no i materac Koło głowy komiks Marvela Wtedy chciałem być jak oni w marzeniach Nie czarny charakter jak pantera Znowu nocą płynę sam w melanż Nie mów kochanie, że trap zmienia mnie (nie, nie, nie) Hajs zmienia mnie (czemu nie ma ciebie obok teraz) Mówili o mnie plotki, […]

Ella Mae Morse – Ain’t That A Shame Lyrics

Oh, my tears fell like rain Ain’t that a shame? You’re the one to blame You broke my heart When you said we’d part Ain’t that a shame? You’re the one to blame Oh, my tears fell like rain Ain’t that a shame? You’re the one to blame You’re the one to blame You made […]

Horseshoe Gang – My Last Song Lyrics

Never But if it’s cold enough to be f*ckin’ Crooked’s Someone as dope as my older brother, Crook, whose five times better Over years get to thinkin’, will I rhyme ever I may as well flip a bird, ’till flippin words Flip a burner or flip a burger somewhere Rappers talk like they hustlin’, and […]

I Am They – Even Me Lyrics

He knows my thoughts The things that no one sees He knows my heart It’s every broken piece Somehow still I’m held by this one thing And somehow still I’m held by this one thing Yes, Jesus loves me Even me, even me I stand forgiven and free Even me, even me He knows my […]

Middle Class Rut – Tax On Death Lyrics

The government says you better pay Tax On Death They’re gonna come and find all the   money   you hid Life’s a   business like a sickness You play the   game or you end up on the shit list I look and see you running right now Ready to fight now I’m scared […]

Enej – Vitre Hnatyi Lyrics

Нoвa є Пoльщa і Укрaїнa Нoвe мaйбутнє нaрoдилa! Pidete z namy, bratia myli! Wizmemo rożu w ruky! Witre bujnyj pokaży de maju buty! Witre hnatyj zawedy mene do chaty! Witre hnatyj zawedy mene do chaty! Nowa je Polszcza i Ukraina Nowe majbutnie narodyla! Вітрe гнaтий, зaвeду мeнe дo xaти! Ref.: Witre hnatyj zawedy mene do […]

Jon Hope – ChamPain Lyrics

Chorus Thou shalt be trill nigga Motherf*cka and real sisters Same ones I came with We got a 1000 words and take real pictures Got styrofoam of my mama’s tears Pour it up that’s ChamPAIN Real niggas & real bitches they all apart of my campaign Verse 1 Just opened up my big mouth this […]

Jersey Demic – Brinks Truck Lyrics

Verse(Demic): Got my bag up and then i moved to the villa Flew a pretty chick to see me cuz i wanna Everybody eat everybody getting bigger Brought a brinx truck through the hood for my hittas, yea Brinks truck through the hood, who the realest Made it out the gutter where the system tried […]

Florent Marchet – Rio Baril Lyrics

Son clocher, son école Sa place, ses cafés Son crédit agricole Et juste à côté Sa mairie fleurie Son microclimat Sa gendarmerie Pas de cinéma Son hôtel le Lion d’or Son camp de manouches Quant la ville s’endort Pas de quartier louche Ses concours de pêche Le long du canal Ses gens dans la dèche […]

Daniel Groove – Longe Lyrics

[Letra de “Longe” com Daniel Groove] [Verso 1] Nunca é muito longe Se a tarefa é buscar Um grande amor sem fim Nunca é só espera Se na festa teu batom Vai desbotar em mim [Refrão] Você foi mais longe, eu quis buscar Você foi mais longe, muito longe, muito longe Você foi mais longe, […]

Social Circkle – Finger On The Switch Lyrics

There’s no hope for you and me The switch – the switch They’ve got their fingers on the switch The switch – the switch Got their fingers on the switch 4321 Paper headlines scream in fear It’s coming down the end is near USSA’s the new Iraq Just wiping cities off the map So this […]

Ella Mae Morse – Seventeen Lyrics

Seventeen, seventeen Cool and solid seventeen Young enough to dance and sing Old enough to get that swing Past sixteen, done been kissed Graduated and got that twist Kind of love I can’t resist At seventeen Now sloppy shirt, old blue-jeans Dirty shoes by all means Patch of blonde, peroxide hair Jukebox, baby, ain’t no […]