Te Dness – 7am Out Of Town Lyrics

You fake your faith for 140 characters While all these sleepwalkers scream “woke” The rich just getting richer, that mean everybody else just staying broke These rappers came off tour and they got rich Fam, I came off tour right back to this block shit None of my fans are in these crowds, I been […]

Sick Animation – Back To School Lyrics

Yo, the bus rolled in and it’s 7AM The first day   of   school’s   where my story   begins My momma packed   a lunch but forgot the chips And my brand new pair of JNCOs got a case of the rips Sat there for a moment seriously frustrated Ate my lunch, went […]

Tamar Braxton Exposed Vincent Herbert After Arrest On Christmas

no shade.. however, before u judge me know the FACTS!! The music executive was arrested on Christmas Day for spousal assault and has since been released on a $20,000 bond. Because of that assessment, when news of his Christmas Day arrest surfaced online, hardly anyone was too surprised about it, but fortunately, no one was […]