50 Cent – Bullshit And Party lyrics

[Chorus] All we do is bullsh*t and party then bullsh*t some more All we do is bullsh*t then party around the globe on world tour That’s that bullsh*t, let’s party That’s that bullsh*t, let’s party [Verse 1] Look b-tch its 50, you know its hot Number one on the billboard spot You must be high […]

50 Cent – Get Out The Club Lyrics

Diddy BITCH (woo) I’m gone show em now I’m gone show em how (show em how) How we break it down This is how it’s goin down Them bitches think pussy precious Them niggas they wanna test us Got beef so we be wearin vest-es Look I don’t give a f**k nigga Bitch I aint […]

50 Cent – Position Of Power Lyrics

50 CENTPosition Of Power Lyrics [Intro:] Hahaha I told niggas not to shoot dice with me Look at this stack I got money I got money Hahaha [50 Cent:] Aww nigga don’t trip I’ll kill ya if you f**k with my grip I won’t hesitate to let off a clip Aww nigga don’t trip You […]

Pop Smoke – Run Down Lyrics

(What?) Ran through a hundred, niggas been a hundred Call up with Woo, then I’m slidin’ through (Ooh) [Chorus: Pop Smoke] Look, see them hatin’ ass niggas talkin’, tell ’em niggas stop it (Yeah, look) Woo back baby, run down, chase ’em (Yeah, bah) Off the Perky (Woo), boy, I’m dangerous (Yeah) I’m in the […]

Khary – Deadliest Catch Lyrics

Watch me whip it, all at risk Used to have to ball my fist Now I’m like, “Damn, I get all of this?” Always kept it on the low Switched the name, I picked the coat 50-Cent, Kanye quote: “Let ’em hate, and watch it grow” [Hook] The deadliest catch, nigga, I know that I’m […]

Lil Yachty – Wock in Stock Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Lousy) Hey (Ayy, Mitch) [Chorus] Bought some Wock, not to drink, just to keep in stock (Slatt) Got a   stick   way too big,   I could kill a fox (Grrt) Hundred   thousand dollars cash, spent it in a stock (That cash) Sixty eights on my ass, two millies […]

Fuerza Regida – Sigo Chambeando Lyrics

[Letra de “Sigo Chambeando”] [Verso 1] Todo empezó por el valle del centro Año 2010 cuando todo comenzó Tuve que tomar una grande decisión Ir a chambear a la construcción O vender esas onzitas dobleteando, si señor Los benjamines empezaron a llegar Al tiro compa Chuy, no se me raja Vamos a hacer el intercambio […]

Flavio Jose – Brasilidade Lyrics

Eu sou latino americano E muito cabra macho Nordestinamente doido Por esse Brasil Nortenamente sulista Centro-sudestino Vê se não perde o teu tino Pátria mãe gentil (BIS) Gosto de ver hasteada A tua bandeira Numa nação estrangeira Sob a luz do sol Lentamente conduzida Ao som do teu hino No reinado absoluto Do teu futebol […]

Migos – Savages Lyrics

Questions like that don’t get asked in my city Jumped off the porch then jumped in the Bentley Bitch this the reason I’m actin’ so ignorant Don’t know how to act I’m a savage, a grimlin You get caught at the red light while textin’ and chillin’ (slippin’) [Hook] Savages only, savages only Savages only, […]

Lil Pump – Xans Undertale Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Pump] Aye man I think Sans be in it over here Damn he good He the trapper of the century ESKETIIIIIT [Chorus: Lil Pump] He pop a molly and fuck on your sister Ice on his neck and it lookin like glitter He pop a molly and fuck on your sister Ice on […]

Juan Magan – Dejate Llevar lyrics

Dejate Llevar lyrics Por las calles hay un rumor El no te da el amor que te mereces Te lo mereces Calmara el dolor Yo te trataré mejor Si tu me dejas darte todo mi calor Y ahora trata, trata de descontrolarme Suelta, suelta, pierde los modales Oh, sientes el subidón googletag.cmd.push(function() { var map […]

Shy Glizzy – Get It Again Lyrics

[Intro: Shy Glizzy] Hey Young Jefe Cardo got wings Fuck it up, get it again [Chorus: Shy Glizzy] My mind it be stuck on that cash If I love you, I’ll give you my last Hundreds and fifties is hitting the stash Twenties and tens, we blow that shit fast Fuck it up, get it […]

Future & Young Thug – Three Lyrics

(Yeah) Inside the whips come red like ketchurp (Yeah) Count this money up with glasses like a mixer (Yeah) Codeine laboratory like on Dexter (Yeah) Bad yellow skin, Philippine Envious and gin never win Chrome Heart lens, help me sin Hit him in his back, South Central Made a lot of M’s right from sinnin’ […]

FUTURE – Three lyrics

DY crazy [Intro: Young Thug] Peter Piper picker, I never kept her Peter Piper pepper, we never kept ’em Yeah [Verse 1: Young Thug & Future] I got more bracelets on than you got chains, bro Me and my dawg’s dope came in on the same boat Whippin’ the same dope, I put the bitch […]

Young Thug – Killed Before lyrics

Killed Before lyrics [Intro] We got London On Da Track [Chorus] Everyone know I’ve been killed before I’ve been bent like a centerfold I crap with my money, no Drop the top get a breeze, ohh Got four million in jewelry, ohh Let that money fly to the ceiling, woah Did you pay someone’s tuition, […]

MAGIC – Darts In The Dark lyrics

Darts In The Dark lyrics DARTS IN THE DARK LYRICS [Verse 1] I don’t know the way back to the place where our love lies Blindfolded, it feels, and we’re trying to see out to the sunlight [Pre-Chorus] I used to love with my eyes close But now it seems that we just keep [Chorus] […]

A Perfect Circle – The Doomed lyrics

What of the righteous? What of the meek, the mourning, and the merciful? What of the charitable? These lyrics were added 16 minutes ago. Below are the complete “The Doomed” lyrics by A Perfect Circle displayed. All doomed All doomed googletag.cmd.push(function() { var map = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([337, 280], [[300, 250], [336, 280]]).addSize([0, 0], [300, 250]).build(); googletag.defineSlot(‘/115733527/Lyrics_Inline’, […]