Jon Hope – ChamPain Lyrics

Chorus Thou shalt be trill nigga Motherf*cka and real sisters Same ones I came with We got a 1000 words and take real pictures Got styrofoam of my mama’s tears Pour it up that’s ChamPAIN Real niggas & real bitches they all apart of my campaign Verse 1 Just opened up my big mouth this […]

Human Romance – Love As A Weapon Lyrics

And with the presence of power Comes the rebellion of innocence We’re in this all for each other Lifetime reversal in decline Commencing countdown the time has come Battle lines are drawn Commit the ashes back to the earth Lifetime no decline or falling back to the end of the line You’ve known the secret […]

Jarren Benton – Savage In The Sanctuary Lyrics (feat. Swizzz)

Don’t be the one bro What’s your name Savage in the sanctuary Everybody’s gettin buried They never show you love when it’s necessary Only pick the roses in the cemetery Bitch I always been a visionary Everything is legendary Please know that everybody’s gettin buried So please don’t let the savage in the sanctuary Uh […]

Stephen Marley – Thorn Or A Rose Lyrics (ft. Black Thought)

We come from so far and life is full of surprises Just know I’ll never change, no, I’ll never change No matter the circumstances, though this road can be demanding I’ll always be the same, always be the same Never lose sight of who you are, temptation comes from near and far Wounds heal but […]

Tommy Lee Sparta – Savage Life Lyrics

Damage, savage life Damage, savage life Tah dap tah dap tah dap… Savage… Turn up, turn up Damage… Me nah fi too talk it out cah you know how the thing go Me nah fi use hype fi she carry the thing come When you come home to your girl, me that a go through […]

Edgar Allan Poe – Hop Frog Lyrics

He knew that Hop-Frog was not fond of wine, for it excited the poor cripple almost to madness; and madness is no comfortable feeling. “What- what- what are you making that noise for?” demanded the king, turning furiously to the dwarf. The animals in question had, at the epoch of my story, very rarely been […]

Brennan Savage – More than Ever Lyrics

[Verse 1: Brennan Savage] It’s so hard to sleep alone In my bed when you’re away home When I shut my eyes It made my mind erase the time I waste It’s quiet in the night time I can hear your voice inside my head Screaming in my dreams to stay alive but you shot […]

Migos – “Auto Pilot” Lyrics

yeah (Verse 3) (Offset) Two tone Patek (Patek), yeah, two tone baddies (baddie) Five hundred racks in the attic (racks) Two-two-three, the fifty made of plastic (brrt) Eating up the drip like cabbage (eat) Lost his brain when I put him on acid (lost his brain) You n*gg*s lame, tryna copy my habits (You n*gg*s […]

Heart attack – Scarlxrd lyrics

Keep my f*cking name out your mouth you don’t know me You just hear the s**t out my mouth, listen closely Everything I spit is hot s**t and unholy P***y niggas never seen a clip they’re so phoney f*cking hate this place I see hell inside your face That s**t fills me up with […]

A$AP Ferg – Tango Lyrics ft. Kanobby

type in the search box Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ MadeinTYO [Chorus: Kanobby] Sometimes I like to tango Tango all around these words Dance all around these words If I don’t speak it might get worse If I don’t speak it might get worse Sometimes I like to tango Tango all […]

Blackguard – Scarlet To Snow Lyrics

BLACKGUARDScarlet To Snow Lyrics I am a creature of the night How are you this eve This is what i am and what i’ll always be I will have you know i’ll take you if i please So if you would just sit down And i beg you not to scream On this fairest night […]

Cliff Richard – Be With Me Always Lyrics

Who is there to calm me but she God shall be my witness that I pray she will know Not one moment of rest in the cold, cold ground Be with me always consume and invade me Take any shape or disguise Be with me always to share all my despair And to learn nothing […]

K.O – No Feelings Lyrics

Like Nonke nonke nonke Msunu ka everybody yeah. khona kanjani? khona kanjani? K.O – No Feelings Lyrics ruuuu ke mang? Your favorite rapper kimi u’Rubbish I started from the bottom Ended up at the top of the world You know where to find me My IG location says I’m on top of your girl yeah […]

Joy Division – Heart And Soul lyrics

An abyss that laughs at creation, A circus complete with all fools, Foundations that lasted the ages, Then ripped apart at their roots. One will burn, one will burn. The present is well out of hand. Heart and soul, one will burn. Instincts that can still betray us, A journey that leads to the sun, […]

EXO – 远 (Forever) Chinese Version Lyrics

EXO – 远 (Forever) Chinese Version Lyrics You could be my only star You could be the moonlight Wo jia shang ni jiu deng yu yong yuan Forever Forever Girl you know you got me up wo xiang xin Zhe kuang tiao de heart shi wo de zeng pin Yeah xiang ge dan zhu wan […]

Black Clouds

Probably never Poppin’ my shit, then I’m backin’ it up like I’m Conor McGregor Homie too real, too honest, too clever Too much to handle for you to confront Too low for me, dog, I’m high and I’m drunk I ain’t gon’ stoop to your level Motherfuckers really roaches like the end of the blunt […]

Whole Lot

Lyrics to ‘Whole Lot’ by 21 Savage: –Transcribing– –21 Savage & Young Thug– Nigga made a whole lotta guala Now I got a whole lotta problems Main bitch fuckin’ my partner Nigga, we ain’t trippin’, we ballin’ And I got a whole lotta shawties Hang around a whole lotta robbers And I got a bad […]


Lyrics to ‘Numb’ by 21 Savage: –Verse 1– Grind hard, nigga, grind hard, I done grind hard Late nights playin’ b-ball with a decoy I was on the corner with the robbers and the d-boys Now I’m on the charts, man, this shit is unbelievable Mama, it’s a lot of secrets that I had to […]


(FaceTime) I won’t waste your time if you don’t waste mine (don’t waste mine) Girl I wanna taste yours if you gon’ taste mine (taste mine) I won’t take your love for granted if you don’t take mine (take mine) I’m too drunk to text so can we FaceTime? Lyrics to ‘FaceTime’ by 21 Savage: […]