Romeich Wipes His Instagram Clean After Showing Off His New Studio

His aim is to have some “fire songs” produced at the location. He made the post last night, September 21. He also used the opportunity to throw out a job opening to his over one million fans as he said he was looking for a full-time engineer. He revealed that the studio was not quite ready but very close to completion. He shared a bible scripture as his display photo. @romeichentertainment IG
In a video posted to Instagram, he gave fans a glimpse of the sleek and modern-looking studio. Romeich Major wipes his Instagram account clean off all photos and videos after giving fans a glimpse of his new fully renovated studio. He stressed, though, that “lazy and mix up” workers could stay far from his brand. “See a lot of you asking why I am selling out my studio. It looks like he’s planning to make some major moves as he also revealed that this studio is just one of three that he’s hoping to build. Romeich Major has shown some serious work ethic over the years, and it looks like all his hard work is paying off. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He also took the time to silence critics who had been saying that he may be getting out of the music business since he announced that he was selling his old studio. The post has already been viewed more than 50,000 times, and artists Chris Martin, Iwaata, and Ding Dong, have already said they’re willing and fired up to start recording at the studio. The short clip with Ding Dong’s “Flairy” blasting in the background also revealed pristine-looking equipment and untouched furniture. It’s unclear why Shenseea’s manager deleted all his posts, but his IG account is still live. The manager and CEO of Romeich Entertainment recently showed off his new recording studio, a sign that he’s looking to stamp even more authority in the dancehall genre. Learn this, music is my joy, I will always be working musically, just have to UPGRADE,” he said.