Night Moves – Mexico Lyrics

So many nights I’ve been dreaming of somebody
Walking through my treelined grove
Caught up and lust in my wild-eyed scheming
I can’t seem to cope
With any old love
At times they may grow harder, yeah
Ooh don’t you leave me, don’t go
There’s something around here I’m trying to outgrow
Alameda, don’t go
The silence around me, it pulls me below
Keeping your dreams and your fingers tied
Oh it just seems so hard
Cuffing my leisure, I’m counting my numbers
Crippled by your spare lover’s eyes
Just give it to me
Of all of that it surrounds you
Ooh don’t you leave me and go
Some ways you need me, in others I hope
Alameda, don’t go
There’s someone around here who’ll pull you right home
Yet somehow I’m caught up, up in it again
But they don’t know your dreams until they’re stealing them away
And while it calls for you
Oh well it’s cause for me too
But could you say my name for me? I’d do it though I don’t know how
Well I love when you take the ride home
Can you relieve me and pull me below? And somehow I lost you again
I’ve been waiting for my doubts
I’ve haven’t seen them around Alameda
Alameda, aglow
How many nights must I go it alone?