Swedish Dental Expert Fined $50,000 for Exposing Adult Migrants Masquerading as Children

The latest example is a dental hygienist fined approximately $50,000 for revealing that some refugees claiming to be “children” are actually adults. Previously, Samhällsnytt revealed that several of the people whom he suggested to the Migration Board were discovered to be adults as a result of medical age tests. Now he has to pay 425 thousand kronor [$48,500] within 30 days to his former employer Region Gotland – money he does not have. Read the rest at American Renaissance. The language of the judgment is harsh and at times activist against Herlitz. criminal immigrants health healthcare migrant invasion migrants Muslim immigration Muslims political correctness Sweden War on Swedes welfareSee something, say nothing? According to Swedish news organ Samhällsnytt: Bernt Herlitz is being severely punished for trying to reveal the age of fake children. Despite this and despite some of them being convicted of gross violent crime, they will stay in Sweden, thanks to the amnesty of the government and the Center Party. This appears to be the message in Sweden, where politically correct authorities may punish those who dare complain about the government’s culture-rending and crime-spiking importation of vast numbers of Muslim migrants.