One Dead as Car Hits Times Square Crowd

They added the incident was not connected to terrorism, CBS reported. A vehicle ran into a crowd of pedestrians in Times Square. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said President Donald Trump has also been informed about the incident. “A woman in front on the sidewalk was hit and tossed before then car reached 44th street [and] continued ploughing people down at full speed up to 45th street where it was stopped after crashing into more people and the light post pictured,” he said in an Instagram post. New York Terrorism violenceOne person is dead and 12 others injured after a car drove on to a pavement in New York City’s Times Square, the city fire department says. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio were reportedly on their way to the scene. But a witness told Reuters the vehicle drove against traffic before hitting the kerb and striking pedestrians. Images on social media also showed people being taken away on stretchers and other casualties strewn around the walkway. Photos showed a red Honda partially on its side on the pavement with smoke and flames spewing from the bonnet. Police have a suspect in custody. — /pol/ News Forever (@polNewsForever) May 18, 2017 The vehicle reportedly jumped the kerb at 7th Avenue and 45th St near the city’s popular tourist spot. The driver is in custody and the area has been sealed off, according to the New York Police Department. Police reportedly said the driver “lost control” and the collision appeared to be an accident. CBS reports that NYPD says the man in custody is suspected of driving while impaired, a charge often linked to drug or alcohol use. One witness, Ed G Val, was across the street when he saw the car speeding north on the west sidewalk of 7th Avenue.