Canada First: Pro-Trump Nationalist Faith Goldy Running for Toronto Mayor

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) July 27, 2018 ⁦@FaithGoldy⁩ says she’s in. Less than a week after grenades were found in our parks, Toronto Police detonate A PIPE BOMB found in North York.This is why I’m running for mayor.I really can’t recognize my city anymore. — ☩ Faith J Goldy ☩ ???? McCullough, Goldy noted her candidacy will be rooted in making Toronto safe again. And I’m not alone. They can barely add! Far Left @Jack looking out for Far Left Keesmaat! (@FaithGoldy) July 25, 2018 Goldy, a former reporter for the Rebel Media news outlet, has condemned the globalist open border agenda and is frequently critical of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media.   Still.If a mosque was attacked instead of Greektown, the PM would be on the first flight back.I guess the two dead little girls weren’t the right race or religion for our Prime Minister to give a damn. McCullough (@JJ_McCullough) July 27, 2018 “My city has become unrecognizable to me, every day a new headline about a shooting, stabbing, or mass shooting,” Goldy wrote. — ☩ Faith J Goldy ☩ ???? (@FaithGoldy) July 27, 2018 In a statement issued to journalist J.J. Canada Faith Goldy mass immigration multiculturalism Nationalism Politics Terrorism Toronto TrumpOpposes open borders, political correctness Border control advocate Faith Goldy is seeking the position of Toronto mayor. (@FaithGoldy) July 28, 2018 Toronto’s mayoral election will take place October 22, 2018. An official candidacy statement from mayoral candidate @FaithGoldy — J.J. — ☩ Faith J Goldy ☩ ???? “The sad fact of the matter is: Crime has sky-rocketed and it’s done so on Weak John Tory’s watch! Outspoken border control advocate Faith Goldy is seeking the position of Toronto mayor – #CANADAFIRST ???????? No wonder these city officials can’t balance our books! Busy day hitting the pavement & knocking on doors! He’s caved to special interest groups and the result is that he’s sacrificing our city’s young on the [altar] of political correctness.” An attack on our streets but @JustinTrudeau is on vacation. — ☩ Faith J Goldy ☩ ???? For mayor — Joe Warmington (@joe_warmington) July 27, 2018 The Trump-supporting candidate was photographed by the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington waiting in line to submit her registration papers. Got all my signatures and am ready to ROCK N ROLL, TORONTO! (@FaithGoldy) July 27, 2018 By Friday afternoon, many were noticing leftist opponent Jennifer Keesmaat was trending on Twitter, despite stats showing more tweets were mentioning Goldy’s name.