Auburn is Already a Success

But as a result of all this subterfuge, we got into the restaurant safely. There is a fairly long history of the left shutting down public events by intimidating hotels, as happened several times with American Renaissance and recently with a proposed conference in Yosemite. The forces of intolerance, intellectual conformity and hostility to Whites and their interests have succeeded. Too often antifa violence and intimidation have been successful. Having a public presence is absolutely critical to any political movement that intends to become mainstream. There we were at dinner on Friday night, enjoying ourselves with like-minded people, dressed for conviviality, not violence (men in coats and ties), when suddenly we are told that antifa had stormed the restaurant, fought with restaurant staff and managed to spray Spencer. No antifa in sight. Police typically stood by and did nothing even as antifa were assaulting their victims and burning down stores. So we trooped out, dinner unfinished (that dessert looked good, too), down the back stairs, through storage areas, and on to the street, nervously looking to see if the antifa would attack us there. They are, indeed, pillars of the establishment. But of course, it didn’t take long for the antifa to attack. Then, realizing that someone in our group was feeding information to the antifa, we met and walked to a subway station without being told where the dinner would be held. Or perhaps Storm Troopers of the establishment would be a better label I vividly remember how the antifa tried, and to a considerable extent, succeeded in intimidating people at the last NPI conference at the Reagan Building in Washington, recounted in Sam Dickson’s “NPI Washington, 2016: Antifa violence, police indifference, and the inevitable media assault“). After running around all afternoon trying to get a restaurant to host us (the scheduled venue canceled under pressure), we finally got a place, albeit under false pretences (there was no other way). So we were already being forced to act like secret agents, furtively and in secret. When arrests were made, little or nothing has come of it (see Sam Dickson’s “The assault on Richard Spencer: No punishment for crimes against White activists“). A sure sign that the left is in an impenetrable bubble is that we read about “Alt Right thugs” on blogs and Twitter feeds. The antifa is all about shutting down free speech, Trump supporters, and the Alt Right “by any means necessary.” And the fact is that, until last weekend in Berkeley, the antifa had been winning consistently. No violence would have happened apart from antifa attacks. Read the rest of Kevin MacDonald’s article at the Occidental Observer. alt-right ANTIFA Auburn free speech Richard SpencerIt’s really great that the Alt Right, led by Richard Spencer, will be holding an event at Auburn today, even after getting canceled by the university. And recently we have had the antifa rioting in Berkeley, shutting down the Milo talk, and antifa violence against Trump supporters in several places, most notably at the Trump inauguration and last weekend in Berkeley.