Mike Dreams – Hold You Down Tonight Lyrics (feat. Alnansa)

(Verse 1)
Night on the town
With a girl I ain’t seen in a while
Knew we was bound to get it cracking
I told her I had a show
And that she should make it down
Said she was down to make it happen
They call my name, I’m on the stage
She rocking in the crowd
Told me she love when I be rapping
All of those lyrics
She say be hitting her spirit
I touched a piece of her soul
Now she telling me ‘bout what happen
How she broke up with her man
He didn’t understand
Or appreciate her worth
So she X’d him out the plans
But now every night’s a lonely night
Staring at the ceiling
She say that she don’t miss him
But she swear she miss the feeling
Of being loved
Superwoman without a cape on
Her kryptonite is alcohol and Drake songs
As tears falling down
I grab her hand and calm her down
Said “I know I ain’t your man
But tonight I’ll hold you down…”
I don’t wanna feel this
Maybe I should try and take this pain away
But only if you stay…
(Can you hold me down tonight?)
Yes, this feeling is mutual
Yes, I can take your pain away
But only if you stay…
(Can you hold me down tonight?)
(Verse 2)
Still talking
She said
“You been doing your thing
Boy, you blowing up!”
Just tryna do a ‘lil something, something
She said “No need to be modest
You know I know what’s up…”
Yeah, but I was never really into stunting
She said “ I hear that rapper lifestyle
Gets quite wild; are you ready for what’s coming?”
I guess I’ll have to be
We’ll just have to see
But V.I.P bottles and models
Ain’t all it’s cracked to be
Honestly, I’d rather find
Somebody who understands me
Still hold me down if I had
To go with my plan B
Tried to give my heart to some women
Up in my past
But they chose to let it past
And those moments didn’t last
My last told me things were just
Moving too fast
And she just want to be friends
Time to start over again
She said “Well, maybe it’s good
That I came around
I know I ain’t your girl, but tonight
I’ll hold you down…”
(Chorus 2x)