Death By Stereo – Dead To Me Lyrics

My will to live all torn apart. A world where noone cares. (Dead to me.) I look but there’s no exit. Am I losing my mind. Dead to me. Dead to you. (Dead to you.) I lift myself from conscience. Dead to you. Dead to me. This world is spinning into nothing. I just can’t feel anymore. A world where noone dares. Will you please tell me I’m still trying. Please tell me that there is a reason. Knocked to the world, down to the core. In this world. Dead to me. Hey, hey, hey, hey. My faith in this mankind. Dead to me. Go! They stand at your front door. (In this world.) World! Hey, hey, hey, hey. In this world. Or was I dead at first? How could we stand here giving nothing? Dead to you. In this world. Down into the bone, straight through the heart. Hey, hey, hey, hey. I see you die in my dreams. In this world. In this world. Hey, hey, hey, hey. They’re hungry and they’re poor. Dead to you. Dead to me. How much is my life worth? Dead to you.