Charred Walls Of The Damned – As I Catch My Breath Lyrics

CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNEDAs I Catch My Breath Lyrics I lie with my eyes closed tight My dreams are nightmares tonight Beaching into my reality Squeezing my chest so I can’t breathe Not knowing you can’t be real Feeling what I always feel Pain comes into me dramatically Until I wake that’s when I […]

Flying Lotus – The Climb Lyrics (feat. Thundercat)

Most of the things we’re going through make no sense Even though you feel alone, it’s not the end And when you’ve been feeling out of place and don’t believe the hype Just close your eyes and take a breath and you’ll be alright Don’t let the monsters get to you, be the one, my […]

Through The Roots – Take Me Back Lyrics

So take me back to the day When not a worry was in my way Just the sunshine on my face And the warm wind on my back A little ganja weed yea ain’t nothing wrong with that yeah So take me back to the day You know the waves are crashin’ down on me […]

Sicx – The Unholy Lyrics

full of nut Squeeze once away from spillage [?] No escape Tape the news And what could have been clues Hang babies with my black rag Took the ouija bag Coming out the closet With my brain on acid Twist your body backwards Like a swamp full of raptures [?] Stay away Fold the mattress […]

Slowly Slowly – Ten Leaf Clover Lyrics

Dancing through, catcalls in the night The king head central, like a broken kite We were soaking wet, then we caught on fire Blue electricity between two wires So kiss and tell me, where were you, when I had hope 16 and blue It’s just like a blanket, all this growing old Complain about the […]

Phantoms – Need You Closer Lyrics (feat. Hayley Kiyoko)

[Verse 1] You’re getting away, little drummer I see your face through the numbers The crowd is all over you Move slow and I’ll follow you Playing the ground to the disco Seeing the highest potential I’m falling all over you Move quick and I’ll follow you Lift me higher So we leave angels on […]

Lazurus – Blessings Lyrics

e. All you D evils Archimedes of my era Pious shout eureka Doppelganger Do my shows while me and mom do Vegas I’m bad with timely fashion that I write you back in Its not personal I’m working thru thing Please Please Pardon my Raleigh Im just hard to read They ain’t made enough paper […]

Lil’ Durk – Triflin Hoes Lyrics

I say I’m waiting on my Percs I can see your cousins now with they faces on your shirt [Chorus] Hold on, wait, ayy, bitch Hold on, hold on, hold on, wait, bitch, ayy Hold on, wait, bitch, hold on, hold on, wait, bitch, ayy Hold on, hold on, wait, hold on, hold on, wait, […]

Iggy Azalea – Spend It Lyrics

Spend it, spend it, spend it Spend it, spend it, spend it Ayy, if I want it, I’ma get it Get it, get it, get it Get it, get it, get it This money mine, so I’ma spend it Run it back, run it back, run it back Run it back, run it back, run […]

Ace Hood – Facts Lyrics

[Intro: ] Bobby Kritical [Chorus:] Uh No recalls on the foreign nigga Never had to bring May back (Maybach) I don’t really   trust   these guys Niggas know   I had to bring my strap   (Ooh) Shorty say the p*ssy too good If it is gotta run   it   all   back […]

Dream Awake – Anaesthesia Lyrics

Here we are amidst the void Pending in an endless time Anaesthesia to the mind Inscribed in bloodshot   eyes Circumvent   isolation We all suffer In   another of your masquerades As our conscience   fades The image of our entirety Hidden by a spotlight in your hands I’m giving up but I’m not […]

G Herbo – Smoke Lyrics

Why you ain’t slayed? Play this song [Intro] Uh, ayy (DJ Victoriouz with me in the building) Ain’t no weed rolled up over there? Niggas gettin’ tucked up in they bed Oh, you a killer? Fuck, hand   me that cup Uh (Ayy, Wondo, you made this beat? Dang),   yeah [Verse] My   lil’ […]

Jay Critch – Execute Lyrics

I made a plan then I executed Pull out the Lot doing surgery, cut the top off the whip had to execute it I know how to go get the money myself and I don’t need nobody else to do it Run that shit up til you fill up the bag and then you add […]

G Herbo – Cap Guns Lyrics

If we ain’t go as hard as we did, probably all’ll be dead Lean on each other, came through for another, that’s all that we had They don’t understand, so callin’ my lawyer again, that’s all that we said Everywhere we stand, them people was on us for playin’ them corners again But they don’t […]

Lil Wayne – All the Dogs Lyrics

Play this song [Pre-Chorus] They drowning in the water, we can’t save ’em Blood all on the leaves and on   the   pavement Weighs heavy on   our brains and on our conscience We   know that tomorrow isn’t promised [Chorus] Living life on the edge, pray   the   sunrise   there and […]

​BROCKHAMPTON – chain on / hold me Lyrics

(Huh?) Or when my homies bring my name up is it breedin’ spite? Play this song [Part I: chain on] [Intro] One, two [Chorus: Kevin Abstract] Go ahead, throw a chain on, nigga Tell them boys where you came from, nigga Tell   them   boys why I   stay up late Tryna say, tryna […]

Lil Yachty – Concrete Boys Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] 30, you a motherfuckin’ fool, nigga [Chorus] Back against the wall, concrete boys up, uh I enter the   void,   I be goin’   up I shamed myself tryna fuck that   bitch Real estate, both houses on my wrist, yeah Criss-cross my realm, Chrome Heart on my Timbs Ten […]

Lil Yachty – Can’t Go Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] Go Big bank, stash that New car matte black Quarter mill’ in backpack (Skrrt) Glock 9 left hip No, a   nigga   can’t go (Brrt,   brrt) All the Bloods yellin’ “Slatt, slatt” Bad   bitch, bring her home Bend her over, break her back (Uh) Send her on her […]

Lil Yachty – Black Jesus Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) [Verse 1] Pull out them racks on a nigga, he’s so funny He   talk   the most shit,   but got no money Tough on the   ’net, but in person, a new Gandhi Stand on my racks and I’m Mo Bambi I mean […]