Air Review – Rebel Lyrics

When we were kids We believed in everything There’s only one thing left to believe in Now that we’re old And it’s the one thing I cannot ignore That you’re always on my mind And you’re always on my mind My mind And I can’t help That this heart beats in my chest And that […]

Kyle Lucas – Caught Up Lyrics (feat. Weather)

lListen to what you saying About to throw it all away, well these fans they’ve all been waiting Impatiently for years, their ears are finally craving Man the outcome, is this album, damn son it’s blazing What about all those mix tapes, you’ve built this from the pavement You gave them all that free music, […]

McFly – Mcfly The Musical Lyrics

There’s no turning back at all from McFly M-otional after 10 years C – see my eyes are filling with tears F – it’s effortless L – like elephants! Y – ’cause we’re awesome! L! Just like McFly M! Y! In 2001, I attended an audition and became the 4th addition to the Busted 1st […]

Teejayx6 – Punchin’ Lyrics (feat. Nle Choppa)

[Intro: NLE Choppa] (K. Swisha on the track) Let’s go, let’s go K., let’s go Punchin’ all day, I done   hurt   my knuckle, nigga You   hear me, real Ayy (Ayy) [Chorus: Teejayx6] Punchin’ all day,   I done hurt my knuckle Punchin’ all day, I done hurt   my   knuckle Punchin’ […]

August Alsina – Lessons Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] Had to learn a little bit, grow a little bit Realize on the way up That I   was   taught so many   lessons Yeah, yeah, I learned so many   lessons, yes I’m living proof that if you don’t go through shit When you come up fast Everything that […]

Jarren Benton – Savage In The Sanctuary Lyrics (feat. Swizzz)

Don’t be the one bro What’s your name Savage in the sanctuary Everybody’s gettin buried They never show you love when it’s necessary Only pick the roses in the cemetery Bitch I always been a visionary Everything is legendary Please know that everybody’s gettin buried So please don’t let the savage in the sanctuary Uh […]

Lil Gotit – What It Was Lyrics (feat. Future)

[Intro: Future] Ayy, yeah I sip out the cup, it ain’t driving me crazy (Damn) This shit I took   up,   it ain’t making   me lazy I pop me one up   and I keep going crazy I’m filling it up and I keep going brazy Man, I’m just a hood baby [Chorus: […]

Ne-yo – Open Mine Tonight Lyrics

Baby can I, baby can I, can I? (Can I open mine tonight) Baby can I, baby can I, can I? ‘Cause you’re the only gift on my list, only thing I been wanting Can I open mine tonight? (Can I, can I?) ‘Cause you’re the only gift on my list, only thing I been […]

Nina Simone – Gimme Some Lyrics

Gimme some One of these mornings, just about dawn You’ll be working on my lawn Gimme some Gimme some I can’t stand it no longer Gimme some I declare to my man You gonna drive me stone insane Gimme some Gimme some I can’t wait eight days Gimme some I like fried chicken, you know […]

Jack Hardy – I Ought To Know Lyrics

Paul I ought to know what Jesus really said And who the preacher takes to bed This I ought to know But I don’t I ought to know what’s buried in the landfill I ought to know about the clear-cutting bills I ought to know about pipelines and schemes What extinction really means This I […]

Soul Demise – Trapped In A Body Lyrics

All over sudden something was extremely wrong The “system” went down with a supersonic bang Due to unknown reasons far beyond control A reliable mechanism refused to work Much to soon it turned out as a fatal mistake To believe in human technology nonetheless a fake [Chorus] No dignity at all – regarded by physicians […]

Taysav – PBG Music Pt. 2 Lyrics (feat. Bang Da Hitta)

[Verse 1: TaySav] Bitch we some monsters You can catch me at East Rogers Where them killers should have been some lawyers, businessmens or doctors Let me start off by saying free Shotta Niggas know big bro was a problem f*ck 12, 24th can’t stop none And the opps ain’t on shit, nigga stop frontin’ […]

Fail Emotions – Runaway Lyrics

As I’m getting close close I fulfill the force force Its unlimited source and I’ll never loose my course, because I’m the part of this space, and its only my and your chase Feel immensity of universe Follow me and take a course I’m on my way, running up, between the stars Can’t more to […]

Fail Emotions – Reflection Lyrics

Do you see shapes or a word? What do you see? Stare deeper, sight harder, it’s nearly time! Everytime I’m drowning just to keep the score We create houses on our own bones I know, that this is just a free line Wake me up! What do you see? Shapes or a word! Do you […]

Sno – I’m So High Lyrics (feat. Billy Wes)

[Talking:] Southside, the land of milk and honey baby Real niggas getting money baby, respect that [Hook: Z-Ro] I’m so high, (weed in my lungs Switchblades and guns, niggas don’t want none) I’m so high, cause I got a sack of that shit Flipping and tripping, 15’s beating in the back of that bitch I’m […]

Ruel – Not Thinkin’ Bout You Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been telling my friends I’m cool, I finally got you out my head But if I gotta walk by your house I take the long way home instead ‘Cause I guess if I see you outside and you act like, who am I? I won’t let myself forget ‘Cause every time, every […]

Big Zuu – No Breaks Lyrics

Supreme BBM Scotty See I ain’t tryna rely on no one nah I make my own way// Those are my guys the whole day// No ion go for no breaks// Ion care what so and so say [?]// They ain’t gotta stake in what you make they will erase this fate// But it never had […]

Make Them Suffer – Bones Lyrics

[Intro] I can’t breathe [Verse 1] I can’t breathe, and I’m terrified of falling asleep To meet the shadows that’ve   been   haunting my dreams A   reflection of all that I am   for all to see Shed my skin, for all to see,   shed   my   skin I want to […]

Zayn – Stand Still Lyrics

[Verse 1] Skies of blue and birds of yellow Flowers growing just to bloom A million chances of our glances Catching eyes across the room [Chorus] If time stands still Move I will to you This world’s filled Somehow I see you Move I will to you [Verse 2] Rain could pour upon your face […]

Kurt Weill – Tango-Ballad Lyrics

There was a time, and now it’s all gone by When we two lived together, she and I The way we were, was just the way to be I cared for her, and she took care of me And that arrangement seemed to work perfectly The milkman rang the bell, I got out of bed […]