Elphomega – 1.000 Problemas Lyrics

Te planto en tomas de Chris Nolan Diásporas a mil por hora, yo ahueco de aquí En cuanto pueda, mira, piro de aquí Ya me dirás si fui útil Si te lo hice al menos algo más fácil Bueno, más llevadero, conoces mis guiños, bro ¿Que nos va a quedar cuando se muera Clint Eastwood? […]

Cazzu – Penas Y Problemas Lyrics

[Letra de “Penas Y Problemas”] [Verso 1] Mira como lo mueve, mi bebé es stripper Meneando su cuerpo una profesional, nunca le va mal Se lleva como 15K de dólares semanal No compite con nadie Nunca nadie puede ocupar su lugar Carita de ángel, bonita dema’ [Estribillo] Mami, mueve pa’trá’ Que se van los problema’, […]

Mark Knopfler – Nobody Does That Lyrics

I like the way you put yourself together Nobody does that quite the way you do I like the way you put yourself together Nobody does that quite like you Nobody does that Nobody does that Nobody does that I like the way you’re holding my attention Nobody does that quite the way you do […]

Siavash Ghomayshi – Hobab Lyrics

میای از دورترین نقطه ی ایمان من اونجا که لحظه هام پر شدن از یاسمن میای از سکوت شهر پر از ستاره میکشی دستامو روی موهات دوباره میبری با خودت تا اوج بی نهایت اونجایی که تو چشمات موج میزنه نجابت آخ که دیگه دل من از تو جدا نمیشه تو کتابای قصه کسی که […]

Maria Gadu – Obloco Lyrics

[Verso 1] Quando eu lançar meu bloco O bloco dos sem medo Um bloco happy Um bloco crente Um bloco black Um bloco free [Verso 2] Quando eu dançar pro povo Vou de bloco de cimento Eu vou correndo Eu vou dizendo Esse bloco é lindo Demais assim [Verso 3] Eu já vejo juntando gente […]

Steve Goodman – Red Red Robin Lyrics

When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin’ along, along There’ll be no more sobbin’ when he starts throbbin’ His own sweet song Wake up, wake up you sleepyheads Get up, get up, get out of bed Cheer up, cheer up the sun is red Live, love, laugh and be happy Why should I […]

Josh Groban – She’s Always A Woman Lyrics

She can kill with a smile She can wound with her eyes She can ruin your faith with her casual lies And she only reveals what she wants you to see She hides like a child But she’s always a woman to me She can lead you to love She can take you or leave […]

Robin Mark – One Day Lyrics

To you, oh Lord, will all the earth give glory* No other name will share the glory due Though kingdoms rise and nations mock your mercy One day they`ll stand and worship only you Every knee will bow down every tongue say out loud You are the lord of earth and heaven Every hand will […]

Mayorkun – Bobo Lyrics (feat. Davido)

Mayorkun & Davido] Na money be be fine bobo Bobo, Mayorkun baby oh OBO, oh my God oh Bobo (x3) [Verse 1 – Mayorkun] Baby girl you’re my desire I no go leave you run away eh eh eh e But, suit yourself like Jidenna You give me love you run away eh to L.A […]

Penal Colony – 21 Robot Man Lyrics

His era Pays a pensive exclamation One envious shriek Likes a kind of erroneous shriek A reminder Of cosmologic sands And countless courtesans Sons are like the phony sexes It’s a combination: ability fear Your prizes Like her ferocious nothingness Would you pay to look At the ammunition? Calculations displease He aches awhile He twists […]

Victor Manuel – El Cobarde Lyrics

Vivo en mi pueblo pequeño La fe, la alegría, la paz del hogar hay una niña morena Que tras el trabajo me llena de paz Hay una ermita en el monte Que todas las tardes escucho cantar Y aquel arroyo tan claro que riega los campos que son nuestro pan Era la tarde un suspiro […]

TobyMac – I Just Need U lyrics

[Verse 1] Last night put the heavy on me Woke up and I’m feeling lonely This world gotta a way of showing me (showing me) Some days it’ll lift you up Some days it’ll call your bluff Man, most of my days I ain’t got enough [Pre-Chorus 1] And all I know Is You’re my […]

Rob Thomas – Little Wonders Lyrics

Time falls away, yeah but these small hours And these small hours still remain, yeah Ooh they still remain These little wonders, oh these twists and turns of fate Time falls away but these small hours These little wonders still remain ROB THOMASLittle Wonders Lyrics Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder […]

Bobby Bare – Marie Laveau lyrics

She lives in a swamp in a hollow log With a one-eyed snake and a three-legged dog She’s got a bent, bony body and stringy hair If she ever seen y’all messin’ ’round there She’d go (growl) another man done gone. So Marie done some magic, and she shook a little sand Made a million […]

Joan As Police Woman – Christobel Lyrics

Christobel (gone away) Yes Christobel (gone away) Christobel (gone away) Why won”t you just fall in love With me Christobel (gone away) Christobel (gone away) Let the temperature rise The birds of prey are mating And with you by my side The instinct is alive It might seem to appear That I am dead already […]

Rob Thomas – Smooth Lyrics

ROB THOMASSmooth Lyrics Man, it?s a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun Well, I hear you whispering the words that melt everyone But you stay so cool My munequita My Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa You’re my reason for reason The step in my groove And if you said this life ain?t good […]

Steve Goodman – Bobby Don’t Stop Lyrics

STEVE GOODMANBobby Don’t Stop Lyrics Here it is Friday Drowning my troubles Knocking down the doubles ’cause it’s happy hour Over in the corner, an old piano Bobby knows how great those old songs are He will play your request for a drink or a dollar Bop and boogie woogie and they all sound nice […]

Robin Mark – All I Once Held Dear Lyrics

ROBIN MARKAll I Once Held Dear Lyrics All I once held dear, built my life upon All this world reveres, and wars to own All I once thought gain I have counted loss Spent and worthless now, compared to this Knowing you, Jesus, knowing you, There is no greater thing You’re my all, you’re my […]