Dave East – Menace Lyrics

was The Answer Niggas was shootin’, survivin’ bullets was like cancer (Cancer) Couple private dancers down in Tampa Ducking from the cameras, sippin’ Fanta We could get it raw to Savannah (Raw) Pull up in the Porsche with Diana Of course I pay to be the boss, hand it Niggas think they Ross, lost scramblin’ […]

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – Underwater Lyrics

And I was overjoyed, on that summer day And I will take my time, ’cause this will fade away I saw you standing there, amidst the pulsing haze And I will cherish love, because this will fade away It pushes me [Chorus] Underwater, I can breathe Underwater, I can see Underwater The heart here is […]

Jae Tips – River Road Lyrics

First I love you then I hate you then I love you again After the second time I call I think we better as friends I know im petty Being petty Made me have to pretend How it would feel being with you And how sweet is yo kiss I know yo boyfriend ain’t at […]

Nav – Overdose Lyrics

[Intro] Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh (Yeah) [Verse 1] Tryna cover pain up buyin’ all these things Lately I been   feeling   like it’s something   missing (Oh, missing) Lately it’s a problem   every time the phone ring (Ring, ring) Can’t help everybody, gotta do my own thing (Yeah) Wish that when […]

Skylar Grey – Goosebumps (travis Scott Cover) Lyrics

I’m flyin’, sippin’ low-key I’m sippin’ low-key in Onyx, rider, rider When I’m pullin’ up right beside ya Pop star, lil’ Mariah When I text a cute game, wildness Throw a stack on the Bible Never Snapchat or took molly She fall through plenty, her and all her ginnies, yeah We at the top floor, […]

Dream Awake – Anaesthesia Lyrics

Here we are amidst the void Pending in an endless time Anaesthesia to the mind Inscribed in bloodshot   eyes Circumvent   isolation We all suffer In   another of your masquerades As our conscience   fades The image of our entirety Hidden by a spotlight in your hands I’m giving up but I’m not […]

Sen Morimoto – Cannonball Lyrics

(Again) I don’t like you I don’t like people And I don’t like to pretend (Again) I don’t much like people And I don’t like to pretend. (Cannonball!) [Verse 3] Figment of imagination is not a fig, it’s a magic trick Flash a light into my eyes and say I squint Segments of my life […]

Lady Gaga – Stupid Love (Ellis Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for Gotta quit this cryin’, nobody’s gonna Heal me if   I   don’t open the   door Kinda hard to believe, gotta have   faith in me [Refrain] Freak out, freak out, freak out, freak out (Look at me) Get down, get […]

Alec Benjamin – Match in the Rain Lyrics

I sense trouble on the horizon I’m afraid our time is up [Chorus] The clouds are rolling in, I feel you drifting away And though my intuition tells me that it’s too late That in these conditions, tryna bring back the flame is like Tryna light a match in the rain I still want to […]

Willow Stephens – Accolades Lyrics

[Intro] Tell me you’ll be here At the end of the accolades I will remind you When you forget your name [Verse 1] When your fortunes fades And they all turn away I’ll be the one who stays by your side Nothing left to lose You’re still the one I choose No matter what they […]

Show Me The Body – In A Grave Lyrics

[Show Me the Body] As a kid, tethering Thinking bout what my brother did Crush ’em all and take a sip f*ck the case, we gettin’ lit Now I see same way Daredevil in the [?] f*cked up, take away Shaved in a grave, put ’em in a row [Denzel Curry] f*cked up, is the […]

Agust D – Moonlight Lyrics

[Romanized:] Yeah, yeah Okay, okay, okay, okay Yeah 3nyeoni jinanne Agust D Soljiki, myeot gok neoeulji jal moreugesseo gyang Ssi, gyang haneun geoji mwo Sijageun chorahaetji daegu geurae namsandong jiha Eseo ijeneun penteuhauseu hannam deohil Ha Ajikdo kkumeseo kkaeji mothaneun piteopaen Nae meoritsok hyeonsireun isanggwa ssawo jigyeopge Nae gajang keun jeogeun sok anui hwa Geuboda […]

Jon Cuenco – Right Now Lyrics

[Hook] Double 3 you should pull up right now I’m too faded for this shit I’m way higher   than   it seems Double 3   you should speed up right now Hidden   in the hills We be poppin’ all these pills Double 3 you   should   pull   up right now I’m […]

Guerilla Poubelle – Un Elephant Dans Une Porcherie Lyrics

Les pires erreurs passent pour des grandes idées Les sautes d’humeur sont indexées Un éléphant dans une porcherie Ça fait la guerre comme ça sourit On tranche des gorges pour du pouvoir On affranchit pour du pétrole La souveraineté contre des esclaves Un bon bain de sang n’existe pas On sort les dents avant d’ouvrir […]

Example – Sit Down Gary !!! Lyrics

[Verse 2] [?] Baby girl, you can’t beat me Bring your crew, you wanna beat me You really, truly meant it deeply Brain tomorrow feel so-so More than dead, just like dodos Backstreet in northern SoHo That’s a no-no There you go, so [Chorus] I might be slightly stupid I don’t need a reason This […]

Secret Band – Rabbit Hole Lyrics

Right? My ass a porch, and I dance for dorks I know one day I’ll be a flaccid corpse So I guess I’m aiming to not be poor I’ll battle with a flattened floor And smash my mouth till a star is born Yeah, get ’em early ‘fore their brains is formed And feed it […]

Yung Bleu – Do Or Die Lyrics

Would you steal, would you kill, do or die for me? She say yea Oo I love that freaky shit She let me cum anywhere I want I swear I love a freaky bitch She get her hair and nails did, but she got plenty money Plus she ain’t on that Becky shit, she give […]

Ciara – Thinkin Bout You Lyrics

I’ve been thinkin’ bout you Wonderin’ who’s stuck in your head at night Wonder if I ever cross your mind Keeping you up in your bed at night I’ve been thinkin’ bout you I try to fight it but it’s hard to fight I’ve been thinkin’ bout you I’ve been thinkin’ bout you I’ve been […]

NAV – Frequently Lyrics

Yeah, I’ma stack another backend, comin’ in frequently Yeah, if I ain’t doin’ shows then I’m doin’ whatever I please Yeah, hit the gas, hit the gas, car smoke, go for speed Yeah, all my pockets full but I feel like I’m on E Yeah, I just realized why they hate ’cause they wanna be […]